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Tractor factories will go on hands

Foreign trade and investment bank (veb) which has received concern Tractor factories (KTZ) from Michael Bolotin`s its founder with a condition of possibility of the return repayment, intend to discharge the businessman of management and to involve a new command. Offers to bank have already made state corporation Rostehnologii Sergey Chemezova, holding Russian cars Oleg Deripaska and Alexander Nesisa`s group IST. But them the part of business KTZ interests only. Michael Bolotin is ready to leave a number of the most profitable actives to pay off concern debts.
yesterday in Davos head veba Vladimir Dmitrys has declared to Interfax that the state corporation intends to hold competition for choice administrative team KTZ . When it will begin also what there will be its conditions, mister Dmitrys has not specified, having told only that operating management led by the president of concern Michael Bolotin Has equal chances with other applicants to win. Michael Bolotin has refused to discuss with applicants for management KTZ, but has noticed that if veb will really hold the competition, operating management will concern it easy because the best team for management of concern in the market all the same is not present .

KTZ unites 17 enterprises in Russia, Germany, Denmark and Austria in the field of the military man, dorozhno - building, railway and agricultural mechanical engineering, manufacture of wood technics, and also spare parts to them. A gain in 2010 - an order 30 mlrd rbl. To the transaction about the WEB OHM to Michael Bolotin belonged an order of 80 % of actions KTZ, to Albert Bakovu - about 20 %.

In the end of December veb has bought 100 % of actions of parent company KTZ, Machinery and Industrial Group, from Michael Bolotin`s structures and its partner in Albert Bakova`s business. This transaction was analogue of the credit repo: Under the sold actions of the Lord Bolotin and Tanks have received from veba 15 mlrd rbl. for partial repayment of the highest, at level 34 mlrd rbl., debt loading KTZ (it is comparable to a concern gain for last year - 30 mlrd rbl.) . To return credit vebu and, accordingly, control over KTZ former proprietors of concern counted within seven years, and as interlocutors " confirmed; in management KTZ, about the WEB OHM the basic arrangement has been reached that concern management will not change .

However, tell sources in the government, in January veb has received a number of offers on management KTZ and purchase of a part of its actives. From the face Rostehnology negotiations about section of business of concern conduct the general director Ural Carriage-Building Plant Oleg Sienko (it name a creature of the head of state corporation Sergey Chemezova) and head KamAza Sergey Kogogin. The first agrees about control over the carload manufacture KTZ, the second is interested in the military man, that is release of fighting vehicles of a landing on Kurganmashzavode . Oleg Sienko has confirmed yesterday interest to actives KTZ, having noticed that UVZ - hardly probable not the unique profile player, capable to operate such business . Sergey Kogogin who is in Davos, on inquiry has not answered, but for KamAZa orders of the Minister of Defence and state structures as a whole is a traditional market (20 % of sales in 2010). In Rostehnologijah have confirmed the fact of negotiations about the WEB OHM on KTZ, having noticed that about the final decision to speak while it is premature .

One more applicant for actives KTZ - holding Russian cars Oleg Deripaska. In the holding informally assert that a particular interest to actives KTZ burdened with a serious debt, do not show, but in general a synergy perhaps . The group GAS entering in Russian cars itself the idea to give management KTZ " is burdened by a debt on 30 mlrd rbl. As a whole; to Russian cars proceeds from banks, that is from the same veba Tell sources in holding.

however in the government assert that Oleg Deripaska`s representatives extremely are interested in business KTZ - obviously not less, than Rostehnologii .

it is valid, business KTZ, as well as business Russian cars includes manufacture dorozhno - the building technics, military technology ( Russian cars do an armored troop-carrier), and also freight cars (at Oleg Deripaska`s holding similar manufacture in Mordovia). Oleg Deripaska was interested in purchase Kurganmashzavoda in 2005, that is before its occurrence in KTZ. Officially in Russian cars comments have refused.

one more applicant for carload business KTZ is supervised Alexander Nesisom Nomos - bank, tell sources (in bank comments have refused). The bank is included into group IST owning the Tikhvin car-building factory.

but nobody is interested in agricultural mechanical engineering KTZ, interlocutors " speak; . This segment - the most problem, is explained by head Rosagromasha Evgenie Korchevoj. Sales of agricultural machinery KTZ last year have fallen most strongly, and, for example, the concern remained should Rosagrolizingu 4,5 mlrd the rbl. for technics which was obliged to put, but could not put, - mister Korchevoj explains. - Technicians KTZ for 4,5 mlrd rbl. has accumulated in warehouses Rosagrolizinga and sell its state intermediary cannot . On military and railway mechanical engineering half of gain of concern is necessary approximately, the expert adds. Andrey Rozhkov from IFK Metropol adds that carload business now looks especially perspective - this year release of cars in Russia has doubled.

Michael Bolotin, tell sources it is ready to leave military and railway mechanical engineering, having reserved problem agricultural mechanical engineering, release wood and dorozhno - the building technics. The money received from veba (15 mlrd rbl.), is partially already spent for repayment of percent on credits (it is an order 3 mlrd rbl.), explain sources and Michael Bolotin also intends to reserve the part which has remained from repayment . Accordingly, now there is an auction - KTZ is ready to leave a part of the good actives giving half of its gain, and money veba and a part of bad actives to reserve .