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The general has not had time to extinguish the bill

Investigatory committee of the Russian Federation (SKR) the general - to the lieutenant of militia Alexander Bokovu, the director of the International fund of support of the Cossacks Michael Krejmeru and the director of Open Company " has brought accusation in swindle to the director of bureau for coordination of struggle against the organised crime in territory of the states CIS; Strojbeton to Sergey Stepanovu. According to the investigation, they tried to receive $46 million from businessman Alexey Chegodaeva for assistance in acquisition of a controlling interest of gone bankrupt Open Society the Volga bulk-oil shipping company Volgotanker . Accused fault do not recognise.
the investigatory brigade of main investigatory management SKR has brought past Tuesday official accusation in swindle in especially large size (ch. 4 items 159 of the criminal code of Russian Federation) to Alexander Bokovu, Michael Krejmeru and Sergey Stepanovu. After that them have interrogated. According to lawyer Alexander Bokova Savle Gogoladze, interrogation of the general proceeded till the late evening . According to its other lawyer Leonid Morozova, the client does not refuse evidence and gives to a consequence all necessary explanatories . By data , actively co-operate with the investigation both Michael Krejmer, and Sergey Stepanov. Under the version of general Bokova, all porridge with purchase of actions has made Michael Krejmer who, in turn, guilty of swindle with money considers Alexander Bokova. And Sergey Stepanov at all does not consider itself involved to to affairs of Bokova and Stepanova asserting that it only carried out express duties between Krejmerom and victim Alexey Chegodaevym.

General Bokov, the director of fund Krejmer and the general director Strojbetona Stepans have been detained by employees of FSB of the Russian Federation on January, 19th this year. As official representative SKR Vladimir Markin, " earlier informed; Based on the results of testing the materials given by management of own safety of FSB of the Russian Federation, the main investigatory management SK the Russian Federation brings criminal case . The statement of mister Chegodaeva in FSB written in December of last year became an occasion: the businessman has accused acquaintances that in 2006 it has told them $4,5 million in hope that becomes the owner Volgotankera however to that did not become, and money to it have not returned.

as it became known , history in which have appeared figurants of business are involved, has begun in 2005. As have informed sources then the director of fund Krejmer has come to the general - to lieutenant Bokovu and has asked, whether there are no at that the people, ready to buy gone bankrupt bulk-oil shipping company Volgotanker . After a while Alexander Bokov of the buyer in the name of Alexey Chegodaeva has found. Michael Krejmer has explained to the businessman that conditions of acquisition of shipping company are debt repayment Volgotankera bribery to one high-ranking official in Presidential Administration but also, payment of cost of a controlling interest. Performance of all these conditions should manage to the businessman in $170 million, from which $46 million should go on a bribe. Mister Chegodaev has agreed. Thus Alexander Bokova`s interest, according to its lawyer Savle Gogoladze, consisted in the given transaction only that his son if something happens will pass to work in Volgotanker on one of supervising posts. in case of the conclusion of the transaction the general did not ask any monetary compensation - the lawyer has explained.

according to the investigation, within 2006 Alexey Chegodaev through the employee of the security service has transferred to Michael Krejmeru in some tranches $4,5 million The courier who accepted money from mister Chegodaeva, wrote receipts and delivered money to Michael Krejmeru, there was Alexander Bokova Sergey Stepanov`s old acquaintance. The sums, have informed sources , varied from $100 thousand to $1 million

Alexey Chegodaev and has not waited the actions promised to it up to the end of 2008. Thus Michael Krejmer in conversations with the businessman asserted that all money has been given Alexander Bokovu. At this particular time mister Chegodaevu knew that Volgotanker it is declared by the bankrupt, and the victim has understood that any actions to it not to see. Mister Chegodaev has made a complaint to general Bokovu, having accused him of swindle, and has demanded to return money. The general - the lieutenant has promised to mister Chegodaevu to return money. In the spring of 2010 son Bokova Alexander has written out addressed to mister Chegodaeva the bill for $4,5 million with repayment term on December, 31st, 2010. But by this time it was not possible to collect the necessary sum to it, and in December of Sides - the senior with the son have agreed to meet mister Chegodaevym on January, 19th, 2011, to agree about a delay of repayment of the bill. They and have not met - under the statement suffered all three have been detained.

on belief of lawyer Alexander Bokova Leonid Morozova, this incident carries especially grazhdansko - legal relations which usually dare in a judicial order, and the criminal component here simply is not present .