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Tatyana Meshcherjakova has waited places in the State Duma

Presidium of the Voronezh regional political council “ an United Russia “ yesterday has offered gensovetu parties to the place of the deputy of the State Duma from region a nominee were vitse - the speaker of regional Duma of Tatyana Meshcherjakovoj. The mandate was released in the end of January after promotion in Council of federation representing region in Nikolay Olshansky`s lower chamber. Local United Russia party members hope that “ the voice of skilled manager Meshcherjakovoj will necessarily sound in the lower chamber “ though to work to present convocation of parliament remains less than year.
that Tatyana Meshcherjakova has been put forward yesterday by the Voronezh United Russia party members in the State Duma, „“ the member of presidium of regional political council of party, the deputy of regional Duma Victor Mesnjankin has informed. As he said, nominee discussion at session of presidium of political council practically was not. “ all of us know it for a long time. Meshcherjakova was vitse - the speaker of regional Duma, then has proved to be as the good expert and the decent person in executive power “ - he has noted. Mister Mesnjankin has added that Party members hope for activity of madam Meshcherjakovoj in the lower chamber: “ Before the expiration of powers of operating convocation of the State Duma remains less than year, but we count that a voice of such skilled manager as Meshcherjakova, there will be heard “. Madam Meshcherjakova „“ has refused yesterday comments, having referred to their prematurity. Officially it will receive powers of the deputy, predictably, on February, 2nd at plenary session of the State Duma.

Tatyana Meshcherjakova will take the place which has become vacant in the end of January after promotion in Council of federation by the representative from the Voronezh regional Duma of the founder of Open Society " in the lower chamber; Minudobrenija “ (Rossosh) Nikolay Olshansky. About that madam Meshcherjakova becomes the deputy of the State Duma, Party members spoke in the middle of last year when the regional parliament has put forward for the first time mister Olshansky in senators. Tatyana Meshcherjakova on elections in the lower chamber of 2007 occupied the fourth line in the list of the Voronezh regional territorial group “ an United Russia “ the first place in which was just at Nikolay Olshansky. However become the deputy last year madam Meshcherjakova could not, as mister Olshansky has not passed operating then “ a residential qualification “ for members of the upper chamber also gets over in federation Council only from the second attempt.

Tatyana Meshcherjakova has had time to work last year on a post of the head of department of work and sotsrazvitija the Voronezh regional government, whence with scandal has left in the heat of liquidation of consequences of summer forest fires. Under the official version, governor Alexey Gordeyev did not accept efficiency of rendering of the first material aid pogoreltsam, however sources in the regional power noticed that madam Meshcherjakova became a victim of hardware intrigues in the social block of the regional government. Until recently it worked as the chief of the department of a budgetary policy and the economic analysis of the Voronezh regional Duma that observers regarded as a political exile.

representatives of opposition did not believe yesterday that transition of madam Meshcherjakovoj in the State Duma considerably will affect lobbying of interests of area in Moscow. “ it should be entered at once in the rigid party discipline of “United Russia“ which are not meaning not co-ordinated initiative even from such talented and skilled people, as it “ - the leader of the Voronezh communists, the deputy of regional Duma Sergey Rudakov considers.