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Hitler`s decisions nobody cancelled

the Well-known bust drevneegipetskoj tsarinas Nefertiti, created about 3400 years ago, pursue scandals. Last week the secretary general of the High council on antiquities of Egypt Zahi Havas has demanded again returning of a sculpture from Germany to Egypt, but was refused. In Fund of a Prussian cultural heritage to it have answered that cannot consider the letter of inquiry official as on it there is no signature of premieres - the minister of Egypt Ahmed Nazifa. Sculpture returning to Egypt has again appeared impossible.

in 1912 the bust of Nefertiti was found out by German archeologist Ludwig Borhardt and has safely taken out it to Germany. More than in twenty years the king of Egypt Faruk asked Adolf Hitler to return a sculpture. And in spite of the fact that in Germany recognised illegality of export of Nefertiti from Egypt, the Fuhrer has refused the request. On illegality of moving of a sculpture since 2005 draws also Zahi Havas. As the proof it uses, in particular, the letter of the secretary of the German east society which has organised the Egyptian expedition, in which is described, how the archeologist showed to the inspector of antiquities of Egypt a poor-quality photo of a bust to mislead that.

in 2007 the bust has again appeared in the scandal centre: the Berlin Old museum was closed on reconstruction and the Egyptian scientists hoped that to them will give a bust at least for a while, till 2009. However the German party has found the reason not to return Nefertiti: the minister of culture of Germany Bernd Nojman has told that a bust it is too fragile to transport it on a long distance . Then Havas has declared: We will not organise any more an exhibition of our antiquities in Germany if they negatively answer our inquiry . However, apparently, in Germany these threats and now disturb nobody so to cancel Adolf Hitler`s decisions.