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“ to Europe “ have found the second

the Second suspect on criminal case about a fire in shopping centre “ Europe “ there was a head of Open Company “ the Management company “European“ “ Alexander Gerson. Charge is not shown it. The managing director does not make comments on dialogue with a consequence.
that in business about a fire in a trading complex “ Europe “ there was a second suspect, yesterday on a press - conferences Ruslan Sharafutdinov has told zamglavy the Ministry of Internal Affairs across Bashkiria. As he said, past Wednesday the consequence has interrogated the head of a management company “ European “ Alexander Gersona. UK provided operation of a building and work with tenants of the burnt down centre, has explained the deputy minister. In a management company field investigators make searches and documentation dredging.

For investigation of causes of the fire in which result last Saturday two persons were lost and 15 have suffered, criminal case under article " is brought; the Infringement of the fire prevention rules which have entailed  destruction of two and more persons “. It provides punishment till seven years of imprisonment.

seizure of documents also is made in the Ufa Open Company “ Brasko “ with which at one of the largest tenants “ Europe “ - Open Company “ Concert club “ businessman Ejnura Bejbutova - the turnkey contract on building - painting and decorating has been concluded. At a fire the worker " was lost; Brasko “. Under the preliminary version, it used the faulty gas equipment at drying of layers of a polymeric dancing in under construction club Concert Club. Opening has established presence in blood of the lost alcohol. The fact of the use of alcohol this day was confirmed also with other employees of a building brigade, has informed Ruslan Sharafutdinov. Thus the basic version of the reasons of an event there is not a possible error of the drunk worker, and infringement of norms of fire-prevention safety by administration “ Europe “ and its tenant. On Tuesday as informed „“ on January, 26th, the founder and the director “ Concert club “ Ejnur Bejbutov has been interrogated as the suspect. Under the version of the investigation, the businessman personally transferred to workers a gas bag in which from - for malfunctions the reducer was twice replaced. Whether there was a faulty reducer a cause of the fire while it is not known. In the Ministry of Internal Affairs of such probability do not exclude, mentioning that the centre personnel “ heard “ a gas smell in premises.

the consequence promises to define also responsibility degree “ municipal officials “ and “ officials of supervising bodies “ responsible for building, acceptance and building operation. In the Ministry of Internal Affairs believe that “ The building some tens thousand square metres in the centre of Ufa was maintained by the area with the roughest infringements “. At preliminary studying of infringement are ostensibly revealed in documents on re-planning of the burnt down part of shopping centre.

Alexander Gerson has refrained yesterday from comments, having explained „“ that “ co-operates “ with a consequence. The director " can become the third suspects on business, according to sources in law enforcement bodies, next week; Brasko “ Daniel Galimov.