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Arabian WikiLeaks continue accusations

Qatar TV channel “ Al - Dzhazira “ continues the publication scandalous “ the Palestinian file “. In a new portion of documents, in particular, it is said that the management of Palestinian autonomy together with the Israeli military men eliminated insurgents of radical grouping “ Hamas “ and in advance knew about plans of Israel on intrusion into Gaza Strip in December, 2008. Besides, according to the published documents, approximately during the same time Russia considered possibility of an exit from Near-Eastern “ a quartet “.
the Publication of documents from scale “ the Palestinian file “ TV channel “ Al - Dzhazira “ has begun in the end of the past week. As the first portion of the compromising evidence affirmed that in 2008 the Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas declared readiness to go on essential concessions to Israel (see“ ”From January, 25th). Next day the compromising evidence on US State Secretary Condoleeza Rice of that time which suggested to solve three years ago once and for all a problem of the Palestinian refugees has been published, having moved them in the countries of the South America.

the documents published later had not less scandalous character. In particular, “ Al - Dzhazira “ has told about details of a meeting of the Minister of Defence of Israel Shaulja Mofaza with the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Palestinian autonomy Naserom Jusefom in 2005. According to TV channel, “ Palestinians have shown readiness to co-operate with Israel for the purpose of liquidation of own citizen “. It was a question of one of leaders of radical grouping “ Hamas “ Hasane al - Madhune. Less than in a month after that conversation the insurgent has been destroyed by the rocket which has been let out from the Israeli helicopter. Observers notice that it is far not a unique example of similar cooperation of Israel and representatives of movement “ Fath “ which mister Abbas heads.

One more sensation was that the Palestinian leader, appears, in advance knew that Israel intended to begin large-scale military operation “ Cast lead “ in Gaza Strip which supervises “ Hamas “. By data “ Al - Dzhaziry “ Israelis offered Mahmud Abbas “ to divide laurels of winners “ however that has answered that “ will not return to Gaza on the Israeli tank “. However, besides proceeding from the published data, later mister Abbas has met Israel and has supported to postpone for time consideration in the United Nations of the report of Richard Goldstouna about war crimes of the Israeli military men in Gaza Strip.

the main character of variety of the declassified documents is the special representative of mister Abbasa at negotiations with Israel - Saib Erikat. It has appeared, in the end of 2009 it convinced spetsposlannika the US president in the Near East - George Mitchell that the authorities of Palestinian autonomy completely support a policy of Washington in the Near East. “ we break tradition according to which the Arabian countries constantly ask something from the USA. On the contrary, we say to Obama that we can help with Pakistan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq “ - mister Erikat has declared. As the proof of good intentions of the authorities of an autonomy it has resulted that fact that in 2009 Mahmud Abbas tried to convince the Palestinian businessmen to allocate $50 million on creation of Iran oppositional radio station.

in one of documents “ the Palestinian file “ Russia is mentioned also. The Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post referring to “ Al - Dzhaziru “ has declared that in February, 2008 Moscow considered possibility of an exit from Near-Eastern “ a quartet “ (The United Nations, the USA, EU, the Russian Federation) because Washington ostensibly in every possible way disturbed to effective work peregovorshchikov. Besides, in connection with leak a certain member of the Russian delegation who was indignant with that Palestinians ostensibly have been interested in work only with " is mentioned; the strongest party “ that is from the USA that “ it is illogical, as those always defended interests of Israel “.

Promulgation of a file of classified documents has caused furious reaction among Palestinians, many of which name now Mahmud Abbas precisely the traitor. The national discontent has outright frightened the autonomy authorities. “ today assert that we are guilty and should be executed, and after that also are subjected unfair court “ - has declared “ Bi - Bi - Si “ Saib Erikat. Thus Mahmud Abbas`s assistant recognised that some of the published documents were the presents though others represented “ The half-truth or absolute invention “. “ If my office was a source of leak of documents, I will assume overall responsibility “ - mister Erikat has promised. In its opinion, classified documents to journalists, most likely, were transferred by the former agent of British reconnaissance service MI6 Alister Kruk or eks - the agent of CIA Klejton Svisher who worked earlier in a command of mister Erikata, and now is the correspondent “ Al - Dzhaziry “.