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The oppositionist have made not day off

World court of capital area Northern Medvedkovo yesterday has sentenced to a year of imprisonment conditionally head of the Moscow branch of not registered party Other Russia Nikolay Avdjushenkova. He is accused of kindling social break a set also participation in the extremist organisation. Besides, the world court has created precedent, having amazed mister Avdjushenkova in constitutional laws: under the threat of imprisonment within three years it is forbidden to it to participate in street political actions.
Nikolay Avdjushenkov has been accused that on March, 9th, 2009 it stuck leaflets extremist maintenances near the house to Medvedkovo. Besides, the court has made to it as to the supporter of the leader Other Russia Edward Limonova participation in the organisation, which activity it is forbidden by court : mister Avdjushenkov was natsbolom and time and again took part in movement actions.

Charge has been constructed on indications of militiaman in the beat Elgana Arshad - ogly by Arhadova. Mister Arhadov has declared that has detained mister Avdjushenkova while that stuck leaflets with heading Kill in itself the slave . Examination which was spent by the Russian institute culturologists, has shown that the leaflet is extremist and propagandises ideas of forbidden Natsional - Bolshevist party. Charge in a course of debate has requested for mister Avdjushenkova one year of imprisonment with punishment serving in a colony - settlement. The Office of Public Prosecutor also asked to consider that mister Avdjushenkova already has one sentence under article 282 of the criminal code of Russian Federation. He has been accused of extremist activity after as a part of group natsbolov in 2008 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation barricaded in a reception. natsboly have hung out from windows an extension the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - a den of traitors protesting against Power inactivity in protection of the rights of the Russian-speaking population in Latvia . Mister Avdjushenkov has received For this action year conditionally.

Nikolay Avdjushenkov guilty itself did not recognise. He insisted that in day of detention was not engaged in sticking-up of leaflets as was in apartment at friends, where the antiextremist centre E the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow were conducted by a search. And in the same place these leaflets have been found. Besides, he said that leaflets have no relation to forbidden Natsional - Bolshevist party. On them was not symbolics, in general something extremist .

As a result the court has taken the charge part, only having commuted accused punishment. Mister Avdjushenkov has received again year conditionally with a sentence delay for three years. Moreover, the court has decided that the oppositional active worker for three years is deprived the right to visit any political meetings, processions and picketing. Otherwise conditional punishment for it will be replaced with a colony - settlement. The court on oppositional active workers yet did not impose such restriction of constitutional laws. it is any incident, such occurs for the first time, and I do not understand, than the court was guided, - lawyer Vadim Prokhorov protecting oppositionists has declared . - the decision as if is taken from the American family law where at divorce to spouses happens it is forbidden to come nearer to each other . In Moscow City Court have explained that the court was guided by a part of 5 articles 73 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (conditional condemnation), where among the other additional obligations imposed on condemned, is point not to visit certain places .

the charge Party remained is happy with a world court verdict. I will necessarily appeal against against this decision in district court, - mister Avdjushenkov has declared . - It politically motivirovannoe .

From the date of an interdiction Moscow City Court Natsional - Bolshevist party in 2007 on antiextremist 282 - j to article 23 supporters of mister Limonova have been condemned. And the majority of them have been deprived of freedom. Still desjaterym to active workers, among them head sankt - the Petersburg branch Other Russia to Andrey Dmitriev, accusations are now brought. I can name it only a consecutive political genocide - mister Limonov has declared .