Rus News Journal

Multi-party victory

Leaders of the Russian tennis have endured yesterday on Australian Open very difficult matches. To Michael Juzhnomu to pass in the third circle, Vere Zvonarevoj - three with Serbian Bojanoj Jovanovski was necessary to play five sets with Slovene Blazhem Kavchichem, and.
Bojana Jovanovski to whom only 19 years and which is in a tail of sixth ten world rating, in a match with Belief Zvonarevoj has shown why it often enough recently compare to other tennis-player come from Serbia which for a long time already has finished career, - great Monikoj Selesh. Jovanovski in a starting set it was amazingly reliable and various in blows from a back line and took it with such ease as if it was resisted not by the second racket of the world, and 122 - I. So the meeting which was not promising like cruel struggle, has turned in rather and rather intriguing.

Vera Zvonareva in this match has shown, why in tennis circles about it which before were accustomed, having suffered such local failure, to burst out crying directly on court and to lower hands, it is accepted to speak now as about matured the player. Zvonareva has not become unstuck. And in the second set became abundantly clear that safety factor of Jovanovski is not so great, that throughout all match to compete with the Russian in speed. Now scattered by the Serbian on corners balls almost always have come across on zvonarevskuju a racket. And competitor Bojany Jovanovski not so simply had time to beat off them on another`s half, and to beat off so that the young tennis-player sometimes only saw off their eyes, without trying even to reach.

in the third set the superiority of Belief Zvonarevoj was already absolutely obvious. Bojana Jovanovski in this party took only one game. And the Russian who in the third circle is waited by much more skilled, than the Serbian, Lucy Shafarzhova from Czechia, has told a banal thing - that such here games in which it is necessary to overcome itself, the weaknesses for the sake of a victory, sometimes where is more useful than lungs. But where from it was to get to?

Michael Juzhnyj, posejannyj in Australia at the tenth number, has unexpectedly encountered yesterday desperate resistance from Blazha Kavchicha closing the first rating one hundred. The Slovene has lost the two first set. However, when already seemed that the match approaches to logical finish and the success will get to the Russian with small losses, suddenly took and has made a break, having taken away at Southern party. And then has taken away also the second... It is good that at Kavchicha, as well as at Jovanovski, resources have appeared limited, and at Southern, as well as at Zvonarevoj, mentality - strong. In the fifth party it has broken Kavchicha with the account 6:1.

In the third circle Michael Juzhnyj who has remained the unique Russian in man`s grid Australian Open, will play with the curious character. Canadian Milosh Raonich, 152 - I a world racket, has beaten 22 - go tournament numbers - experienced Frenchman Mikaelja Lodra - in three parties, as a matter of fact, at the expense of one game element. Speech about giving. It at 20 - the summer tennis player phenomenally powerful. Once Raonichu was possible to submit with a speed of 230 km/ ch! Except giving, truth, the Canadian was noted by nothing, but problems it is, seemingly, capable to deliver to everybody.

as a whole for Russia yesterday on Australian Open has developed, we will tell so, ambiguously. On the one hand, in the third circle along with Veroj Zvonarevoj left still Anastas Pavljuchenkova, Nadezhda Petrova and Ekaterina Makarova. With another - and losses sufficed. And if, say, that Vera Dushevina will take place the main hope of Australia of house tournament of the Grand Slam - Samantu Stosur, posejannuju a heel to count and it is not necessary, here Maria Kirilenko, Anna Chakvetadze and Alisa Klejbanova could be late in Melbourn and longer. Three have conceded all to the competitors who are not surpassing them in a class: to Czeches of Ivete Beneshovoj with Petroj Kvitovoj and Romanian Simone Halep accordingly.