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To multibank have blocked contributions

the Multibank giving the express train - credits in shops tehnosily experiences serious difficulties. The Central Bank after check has ordered to bank to limit reception of contributions. Under the informal information, benefitsiarom bank there was Vladimir Romanov, the former owner of bank " in the summer; Electronics gone bankrupt in crisis.
the multibank does not perform operation on opening and replenishment of contributions, clients of bank state the second week complaints at bank forums about it. By phone impossibility to fill up the contribution to bank have explained malfunctions in the software. In Multibank it was not possible to receive the official comment. Sources in the bank market have told that failures in Multibank work are connected with restriction of the Central Bank on attraction of contributions.

in 2007 Slavprombank (the former name of Multibank) have been redeemed by group SV developing a chain store system tehnosila . After bankruptcy tehnosily in crisis the Multibank for network debts has passed to affilirovannym from MDM - bank to structures. However last summer of MDM - the bank has sold Multibank. As have told some sources familiar with a situation, benefitsiarom Multibank Vladimir Romanov became final. Mister Romanov was the co-owner of bank Electronics in crisis suffered bankruptcy.

in the market some cases when the businessman tries to build new bank business after bankruptcy or sanitation of the old are known all. So, the former owner of bank Globeks Anatoly Motylev creates new bank on the basis of AMB - bank (were RBC - bank), the former shareholder Northern treasury Vladimir Frolov has got together with Nomos - bank bank Uranium . One of the former proprietors and heads of the Russian bank of development sanified in crisis Sergey Ivanov after a two-year break has returned to bank business, having bought Spetsinvestbank who is now renamed into Russian trading bank. However, in lists of proprietors of these banks on their sites the surname of mister Ivanov is officially opened only. Surnames of mister Romanov among proprietors of Multibank also are not present. Mister Romanov has declared that is not the proprietor of Multibank, however has confirmed that the Central Bank inspected bank and has limited to it reception of contributions. Besides, mister Romanov has informed that in the near future the Multibank declares association with average Moscow bank which is interested in development roznitsy .

According to interlocutors of the newspaper, after summer change of proprietors the Multibank has started to involve actively population means, offering favourable conditions on contributions. For example, in August of last year the Multibank has entered the contribution Multiautumn with profitableness of 11,8-12,6 % annual in roubles and 8,5-10 % in currency. As a result for the third quarter 2010 the Multibank has essentially increased actives - on 71 %, to 2,2 mlrd rbl. against 913,3 million rbl. on the second quarter end according to a rating Interfax . The bank capital, however, during this period has continued to decrease, having reduced to 12,4 %, to 417,1 million rbl.

In a similar way (excessive growth of actives and the further restriction of a regulator on attraction of contributions) the situation and with banks of businessman Matveja the Urine developed. after introduction of an interdiction it was possible to number of banks to restore normal activity, however mainly by means of ASV, - the director of department of bank audit FBK Alexey Terekhov speaks. - the small Multibank hardly probable can count on sanitation .