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The VIP - for hunters again wait in the Altay mountains

In the most remote area of Republic Altai (RA) loud litigation on the case of the VIP - hunting by the helicopter in which officials and businessmen took part has begun. It has come to the end with the air crash which has led to death of seven persons, including the plenipotentiary of the president in the State Duma of the Russian Federation of Alexander Kosopkina. Any of a three accused, survived after failure, the fault does not recognise.
on January, 26th court Kosh - Agachsky area RA has started a legal investigation about poaching (item 258 of the criminal code of Russian Federation) passengers of helicopter Mi - 171, broken in January, 2009 in Mountain Altai. Judicial session has begun that judge Nikolay Lubenitsky presiding in process has announced documents which have the day before arrived in court from accused and their representatives. The general director of the company “ Ineko “ Boris Belinsky in the telegramme asked to consider case in its absence. He has referred to the item 247 UPK the Russian Federation, allowing to spend proceeding on affairs of small and average weight without the accused. The assistant to the head of Institute of economy and the legislation of Moscow Nikolay Kapranov and the former vice-president of the republican government Anatoly Bannyh are on the sick-list. In this connection a state accuser - public prosecutor Kosh - Agachsky area Evgenie Morozov - has asked court to postpone hearings.

on investigation materials, the VIP - the command led by the plenipotentiary of the president in the State Duma Alexander Kosopkinym has gone on hunting by helicopter Mi - on January, 171 9th, 2009. The aircraft has been chartered at airline “ Gazpromavia “. According to the documentation, on December, 24th, 2008 Anatoly Bannyh`s friend has concluded the contract on rendering of aviaservices with a carrier, and next day has transferred into account aviation enterprises an advance payment at a rate of 0,6 million rbl.

Under the version of the investigation, the chairman of republican committee on protection, use and reproduction of objects of fauna Victor Kajmin has prepared the document that after numerous complaints of cattle breeders about an attack of wolves on cattle, the committee has found and has involved fans - the hunters, concordant to help with shooting of predators. Besides, the day before two local residents have returned in committee single licences for shooting of the Siberian mountain goat and Siberian mountain kosuli. To the specified licences the official, according to investigatory documents, has attached lists of participants of collective hunting. Except misters of Kosopkina, Bannyh, Kapranova and Belinsky, Sergey Livishin has been included in them - the deputy chief of department of management of the president of the Russian Federation on internal policy. On materials of charge, Lord Kosopkin, Belinsky, Livishin and Kajmin have been armed by fowling pieces Blaser, - 27Å the pilot of local airlines Vladimir Pidoprigora (further it has taken a place of second pilot Maxim Kolbina which have sent in a cargo compartment) had a gun of Izh. Home hunters planned to return in the evening this very day.

in 11. 26 helicopter has landed three high-ranking federal and local officials who have settled down in an ambush, then air judgement began to exhaust on them mountain rams - arharov. One of this three managed to extract arhara. Further the crew has taken away hunters and a trophy aboard the helicopter. On pursued arharam shot and from air. In total it has been killed three “ krasnoknizhnyh “ animals. Going down for the hulk of one of them, the helicopter as the commission of Interstate aviation committee (POPPY) has established, has faced a mountain slope, has collapsed and has failed. Two crewmen and five passengers, including plenipotentiary Kosopkina, were lost.

business about an air crash has been stopped further in connection with  destruction “ the persons who are subject to bringing to criminal liability “. Within the limits of business about illegal hunting western - the Siberian investigatory management on transport has brought accusation to misters of Bannyh, Belinsky and Kapranovu. Anybody from them to fault did not recognise. Anatoly Bannyh has declared that flight has been organised at the desire of plenipotentiary Kosopkina. “ When the person of such level states the request, it sounds as the order “ - earlier marked were vitse - the prime minister of the republic who have left from civil service soon after tragedy.

on January, 26th the mister Lubenitsky has satisfied the petition of the public prosecutor, trial on business will proceed on March, 9th. As the elder telengitov has told after judicial session Kosh - Agachsky area Andrey Edeshev, he intends to achieve, that to participation in process republic public organisations have been admitted, and accused were punished.