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Formation becomes separate

the Governor of the Novosibirsk region Vasily Jurchenko has created the new Ministry of Labour, employment of the population and a manpower in which conducting establishments of initial and average vocational training are transferred. Ministry of Labor it urged to solve a problem of deficiency of personnel. Novosibirsk industrialists name this step “ certainly true “ the power of the next regions to an unequivocal conclusion yet do not send.
Vasily Jurchenko has continued reorganisation of the regional government. On Tuesday at joint session of council about industry and business development and council of Inter-regional association of heads of the enterprises he has informed on creation on the basis of department of work and employment of the population of the Ministry of Labour. To it will pass management of initial and average vocational training in which the Ministry of Education, a science and the innovative policy earlier was engaged. The ministry will start execution of powers after state registration (the decision about its creation has been signed on January, 11th).

According to the governor, the reorganisation co-ordinated with the federal government, is connected “ with forthcoming change of system of initial and average professional preparation “. “ Children should receive incomplete and senior secondary education in general education system, and professional - in vocational training system “ - he has noted. Besides, according to mister Jurchenko, in this sphere there are problems on “ optimisation of a network of educational institutions, their re-equipment according to requirements of economy “. The former head of department of work, nowadays the vice-president of the regional government Igor Schmidt during yesterday`s online - conferences on “ NGS. News “ has declared that “ Development of system of professional formation will be carried out through creation of the resource centres, specialised educational institutions, integration of initial and average vocational training - both horizontal, and vertical “.

Novosibirsk industrialists name creation mintruda “ certainly true “ the decision. Thus, the general director of Open Society " has underlined „“; Factory “Work“ “ Junus Isljamov, one of ministry problems should be creation “ various system “ professional trainings. “ it can be and two-month courses if it is a question of simple specialities, and two - three-year training if qualified personnel " is necessary more; - it has explained. “ structural unemployment today is available, and simple formation it is impossible to solve this problem. We will remember 1940 when in the USSR the system of manpower reserves has been created. Approximately on this way also has decided to go, possibly, Vasily Jurchenko “ - Novosibirsk political scientist Alexey Osipov has assumed, in turn.

similar reorganisation of executive powers of the power is innovative for the Siberian regions. As a rule, in them there are separately educational structures including system of professional formation, and departments concerning work and employment. And in some subjects of federation there are some structures which are engaged in vocational training. So, in administration of the Tomsk region these questions the department of the general education and management of initial vocational training (both as the legal person) partly solves, committees on the higher and average professional formation and on a science and the innovative policy (structural divisions of regional administration). The chairman of committee on the higher and average professional formation Alexander Cheglokov considers such system “ not absolutely correct “. “ It is necessary to carry out co-ordinated to the policy in the field of a professional training, therefore for this question should bear responsibility any one structure, for example, the Ministry of Education or, probably, mintruda, as in the Novosibirsk region “. In department of science and education of administration of the Kemerovo region, on the contrary, consider that questions of a professional professional training for different spheres of economy forces of one department or the ministry not to solve and “ for this purpose it is necessary to create the certain interdepartmental body allocated with corresponding powers " in a power executive office;.

Potential candidates on a post of the head of the new ministry sources „“ name mister Schmidt and Nadezhdu Ininu heading department of work and employment of the population. However mister Osipov considers that hardly the person will be appointed to this post from a command of previous governor Victor Tolokonsky. “ It seems to me, appointment will be unexpected, with a certain industrial aspect “ - he has assumed.