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The sentence is pronounced to participants of the gang which have stolen jewels on 1,8 million of roubles

Irkutsk regional court with participation of jurymen the sentence has pronounced to five members of the organised criminal group accused of fulfilment of armed assaults in Irkutsk on jewelry and autorefuelling, the region Office of Public Prosecutor informs. Evgenie Smirnov is recognised by guilty of fulfilment of the crimes provided p.1 item 209 ( Gangsterism ), ch. 3 items 222 ( Illegal acquisition, storage, carrying of the weapon, ammunition ), ch. 4 items 162 ( Robbery ) The criminal code of Russian Federation, and to it punishment in the form of 15 years of imprisonment, with punishment serving in a corrective colony of a high security is appointed. The novel Babkin is sentenced to 16 years of imprisonment, Ivan Bojarin by 14 years, Pavel Smirnov by 12 years, Ruslan Meliks by 10 years of imprisonment with punishment serving in a corrective colony of a high security - it is told in the message. According to department, at night on May, 25th, 2009 members OPG have made armed assault on gasoline station Krajs Oil in microdistrict University Irkutsk also have stolen more than 12 thousand roubles. Then in the afternoon on July, 5th, 2009 in Irkutsk criminals have attacked workers of jewelry of shop the Cosiness also have stolen the gold products belonging to Open Company Diamond 1 million 821 thousand roubles cost. In two days after armed attack fulfilment on shop of suspects have detained, during a search from them have withdrawn the weapon and stolen. At fulfilment of armed attacks participants of a gang used a fowling piece sawn-off shotgun, a traumatic pistol and an aerosol Blow . During a legal investigation defendants were actively protected. Business became complicated that crimes have been made in conditions neochevidnosti, with a view of masking criminals used masks. However the state accuser managed to produce the necessary evidence which have incontestably proved the fact of fulfilment of crimes defendants - the regional Office of Public Prosecutor informs.