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The Irkutsk businessman has received conditional term for illegal cabin of wood

Osinsky regional court of the Irkutsk region has taken out a verdict of guilty to the general director of Open Company Masky Masalovu on the case of illegal cabin of trees in a forest area, the region Office of Public Prosecutor informs. the court has established that Masalov, using the office position, from November, 2008 till August, 2009 has made illegal cabin of trees in the Obusinsky forest area, having caused a damage to the state at the rate above 7,9 million roubles, Open Company damage " also has been caused; Coastal in the sum more than 1,5 million roubles - it is told in the message. The Office of Public Prosecutor notices that, being the head of the organisation, Masalov for illegal cabin used workers lesozagotovitelnyh the brigades which have been not informed on its criminal intentions. The defendant is sentenced to four years of imprisonment conditionally, with a trial period four years. The given criminal case amazed not only scales of perfect cabin of trees and the sum of the caused damage, but also was of interest from the point of view of judiciary practice as for the first time on a dock there was the person who has made illegal cabin with use of office position. Defining punishment, the court has considered presence of softening circumstances - marks department.