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Gennady Tushnolobov has commented on Dmitry Markelov`s detention

the Regional management an United Russia has commented on charge of the head of Krasnokamsk area to Dmitry Markelov in bribe reception in especially large size. no high post or a party accessory can be the indulgence before law enforcement bodies. Moreover, an United Russia will resolutely clear the numbers of the persons who have soiled party by unseemly acts and the more so, perfect crimes - head Perm " has declared; United Russia party members Gennady Tushnolobov.

we Will remind, autumn of last year presidium of regional political council an United Russia has supported Dmitry Markelov on elections of the head of Krasnokamsk area.

on January, 26th the department on investigation of especially important criminal cases brings accusation to the head of Krasnokamsk area Dmitry Markelov with bribe reception in the large size. Under the version of the investigation, from July, till January, 21st, 2011 accused, carrying out the powers of office, for granting of three ground areas for conducting individual gardening by a total area of 2,5 thousand in sq. m has received parts a bribe in the sum of 400 thousand rbl. By transfer of last part of a bribe to the sum of 200 thousand rbl. it has been detained by law enforcement officers. Under data , g - n Markelov the fault did not recognise and evidence under article 51 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation has refused. During the investigation of criminal case g - on Markelov it is detained two more figurants. The consequence considers their involved in bribery to the head of area.