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Regional deputies have opposed tenancy of property PKGUP Road service station

At today`s session zaksosbranija edges deputies recommended to the regional authorities to take measures on cancellation of carrying out carrying out of open auction on the right of the conclusion of the lease contract concerning the regional property fixed for PKGUP Road service station . Besides, members of parliament have charged KSP to inspect the Perm edge of a target orientation, efficiency of use and legality of the order property Road service station .

As deputy Yury Elohov has explained to colleagues, object assignation in rent completely contradicts the Legislative Assembly decision about inclusion Road service station in number strategic and not privatizeable. In its opinion, property transition in private hands can negatively affect granting of motor transportation services and their cost.

the Notice on auction carrying out on the right of the conclusion of the lease contract of property PKGUP Road service station has appeared on an agency site on management of property still on December, 13th. According to the notice, the property is given for realisation of activity of road service stations, autostations and cash points on service of passengers and carriers. All property, including road service station buildings in the centre of Perm is leased. To the tenant pass functions on sales of tickets, schedulings and other. The contract is planned to conclude for five years. The price of contract 1,5 of million rbl. in a month. Auction should be spent on February, 18th.