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Officials are ready to allocate the free municipal earths only under unique projects

As Anatoly Mahovikov has written in the blog on wordpress, the administration of Perm actively conducts work with the regional authorities over a housing construction theme according to ideology of the general plan. As writes g - n Flywheels, today among operating time in this theme the decision of several problems. One of them concerns the ground areas. The decision of such questions reconstruction of the built up territories, industrial platforms and inventory of the free municipal earths Here is necessary. it is a strategic stock of a city. We plan to allocate such reserve sites exclusively under unique projects, important for a city, strengthening its development. The investor should understand that aby under what the city will not give the free earths on the market. Interests of a city - above all - has written g - n Flywheels.

Besides, officials study possibility of decrease in a payment for connection to municipal networks, stimulation of demand for habitation and attraction of federal resources, for example within the limits of programs on mortgage lending stimulation.

we will remind, the general plan of Perm has been confirmed in December of last year. It is necessary to notice that the general plan project has caused weight of disputes. In particular, with the general plan project builders as they did not accept prospective zoning of territories (many sites were dissatisfied, which builders planned to build up, in the document appeared as recreational zones), and also restriction etazhnosti on city suburbs.