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Negotiations of leaders of the USA and the Peoples Republic of China Barack Obama and Hu Jintao in Washington have lowered intensity between two largest world powers, but also have not led to original reboot of relations. The USA and China have promised to co-operate, have concluded contracts on $45 mlrd, but and could not eliminate any system contradiction. Thereby the strategic decision on that to be at enmity it or nevertheless to agree, has been postponed till 2012 when in both countries heads will be replaced.
though the state visit of the chairman of the Peoples Republic of China to the USA will come to the end only on Friday, the basic results of this trip which many observers named in advance key geopolitical event of year, it is already possible to bring. By results of the negotiations which have passed on Wednesday of Barack Obama and Hu Jintao it became clear that two largest powers of the world have decided not to fuel tension, in the last two days appeared on the verge of cold war.

In many respects this merit of a command of the American president which has managed to take lessons from a failure trip of mister Obama to Beijing in November, 2009. Then the new US president were on peak of popularity and confidently going to reception of a rank of the Nobel winner, tried to behave as the owner: the White house demanded to organise the various actions which have been not provided by the Chinese report, and at the same time has publicly offered a management of the Peoples Republic of China idea of creation the big two at all without beginning to discuss it with Beijing preliminary. On sow time, accepting Hu Jintao, Washington has as much as possible considered the Chinese traditions - the chairman of the Peoples Republic of China accepted with salute, a guard of honour and a solemn supper, and Barack Obama has tried to add in a meeting as much as possible personal, having accepted the Chinese leader in a circle of the nearest assistants and having acquainted him with the spouse and children. This tactics has worked - when on Wednesday mister Obama and Hu Jintao have appeared before journalists, usually impenetrable chairman smiled much.

not less surprising was not only behaviour of the Chinese leader, but also its reaction to Barack Obama`s words. Last during an opening address has not ignored any of painful points in mutual relations, having urged China to raise a course of the currency, to make the Chinese market more open, and also to protect intellectual property rights more actively. Especially prochuvstvovanno the president spoke about destiny of the colleague, the Nobel winner Lju Sjaobo sitting in the Chinese prison on charge in blasting of foundations of the state. In Hu Jintao answer, completely having ignored a question on a yuan exchange rate, has unexpectedly hotly responded to a question on human rights. we recognise that in respect of observance of human rights China still very many should make - he has told. Before such statements the secretary general of Communist Party of China did not allow itself. certainly, hardly this new rhetoric will lead to real changes, but nevertheless it is better so, than in any way - Kenneth Libertal from Brookings marks. Other pleasant surprise for Washington was contained by the joint statement of two presidents following the results of negotiations in which Beijing has expressed for the first time concern in behaviour of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea.

the special place at negotiations has been taken away to discussion of economic difficulties. Judging by expressive silence of chairman Hu, key questions on an exchange rate of the Chinese currency and the monetary policy of the USA and have not been solved. Washington continues to accuse Beijing of artificial understating of yuan that gives priority to the Chinese goods and leads to proficiency in trade from the USA, and China confirms, what exactly policy FRS the USA leads to inflation growth in the Peoples Republic of China. But Barack Obama and Hu Jintao have designated a way with which help they intend to solve a disbalance problem in trade (for the first 11 months of last year deficiency has exceeded $250 mlrd). Beijing has promised to facilitate access to the American companies on the market, and Washington - not to limit export of hi-tech production to the Peoples Republic of China. economic growth in China creates huge possibilities for creation of workplaces in the USA. We are ready to sell to you any pieces - planes, cars, computer programs - Barack Obama has told to the visitor.

following the results of party negotiations declared signing of a package of contracts for the sum of $45 mlrd, and the transaction on acquisition of 200 planes Boeing by China became largest of them ($19 mlrd). It is remarkable that else last year Beijing threatened the company with sanctions for sale of the weapon to Taiwan. Other large-size block of agreements concerns developments of green power - the USA and the Peoples Republic of China have agreed to create the joint centre on studying of alternative power, and General Electric within two years will enclose in development of hi-tech sectors in China about $4 mlrd, and $500 million from them will go on creation of the research centre in territory of the Peoples Republic of China. Access questions on the market and intellectual property protection were discussed and during Hu Jintao closed meeting with representatives of business on which there have arrived chapters 20 of the largest American corporations. According to head General Electric Jeff Immelta, it and its colleagues asked the chairman to create equal conditions of a competition to the Chinese firms for the foreign companies, and the leader of the Peoples Republic of China has promised it to make. Moreover, Hu Jintao has let know that those companies which will transfer technologies, have the greatest chances of reception of multi-billion contracts with the Chinese state structures. New contracts from the Peoples Republic of China will allow to create in America of 235 thousand new workplaces, and it is excellent news to our workers - Barack Obama has declared. Considering that unemployment promises to become one of the main things that to the American election campaign, it is quite good news and to the president.

despite the astronomical sum of the concluded transactions and much more friendly, than earlier, tone of performances, a main point as two largest powers are going to build relations the next years, and remained without the answer. Barack Obama, truth, has declared that the peace eminence of China is equitable to interests of the whole world, including Americas . However it is far not the fact that the new president whom Americans will select in 2012 will agree with this statement - even if mister Obama will appear it again. So the strategic decision on how it to get on on one planet, Washington and Beijing will accept, seemingly, in 2012 - when the American citizens will choose to themselves the new president, and the Communist party of China will confirm Hu Jintao successor present vitse - the chairman of the Peoples Republic of China Si Tszinpina. It seems that the desire of the Chinese management to make delegation of power in the country of smoother has coincided with desire of the American administration not to enter in zatratnoe opposition on the eve of elections, as has pushed both parties to the decision to refuse rigid confrontation. At least, while.