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The queen in an easy genre

In Moscow on 83 - m to year of life after a serious illness has died national actress CCCP Tatyana Shmyga - the most well-known actress of the Soviet operetta.
parents Tatyana Shmygi to art of the relation had no, the father was the factory engineer, and the future star of the Soviet operetta in the childhood wanted to become the lawyer. But calling as it happens at talented people, was not possible to deceive - was engaged in dances, then singing, have invited the soloist in chorus at the cinematography Ministry later, and Tatyana Shmygi`s first public statement has taken place at a cinema before the session beginning. In 1953 it has finished faculty of a musical comedy of GITIS and at once upon termination of institute it has been accepted in troupe of the Moscow theatre of light opera and noticed from the first role, Violetta in to the Violet of Montmartre . To this capital scene it did not change all life, and only the illness which has become aggravated last years, has put an end in her career - on command of destiny it happens then when an operetta its victorious and rich relative began to force out, a musical.

but when a word a musical was practically a curse, the way of Shmygi in conducting soloists of theatre has appeared fast and marvellously equal. The operetta in Soviet Union took a special place - a genre by definition bourgeois, there is no time born of lawful desire of middle class cheerfully to spend vecherok, in the USSR has been popular and favourite, despite an alien class origin. With an operetta remaining some kind of fantastic island, connected levity and conviviality, trustfulness and an openness of feelings, dream of approachibility of happiness the place in more often gloomy ordinary life was not which. And many of those who expressed about an easy genre Haughtily, from time to time dared to take pleasure in this motley and cheerful world.

in 70 - e years of a name of Tatyana Shmygi on the poster was enough to fill a huge hall of the Moscow theatre of light opera. After its Violetta koronnymi roles became Adele in the Bat Valentina in to the Cheerful widow Anzhel in to the Column Luxembourg . In the end of 60 - h years Tatyana Shmyga has acted in new statement Violets of Montmartre but already in a role stars Montmartre, prima donna Ninon - and the success of performance has surpassed all expectations, and well-known Karambolina for many long years became number of the actress favourite by all country. And the actress became in due course the national actress of the USSR - a unique operetta from all actors.

dual position of a genre all - taki has affected Tatyana Shmygi`s repertoire: it has executed not so many roles in operettas of classical authors - Offenbach, Strauss, Kalmana. But it became the present queen of the Soviet musical comedies in which corrected a genre were sometimes rather witty are crossed with the Soviet reality - the White acacia the Circus lights fires the Beauty contest the Sevastopol waltz the Kiss of Chanity . Spent stagnation on a scene of Theatre of light opera have transferred even Konstantin Treneva`s revolutionary play Love Summer and a leading role in performance the Companion Love has for many long years entered into repertoire of the actress. SHmygu praised for images of contemporaries but the essence of its gift remained invariable - spirit and musicality, inimitable charm and extravagance and to very few people accessible ability to look at a favourite genre hardly - hardly from outside, a clever and exacting sight.