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Dmitry Medvedev has returned act of terrorism on doraskrytie

Yesterday heads of investigatory committee (SKR) both FSB Alexander Bastrykin and Alexander Bortnikov have reported on the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev on disclosing of recent act of terrorism at the Domodedovo airport during which time 36 persons were lost. Thus they did not name neither organizers of explosion, nor executors. In the answer the head of the state has rigidly recommended pravoohraniteljam at first to bring matters to court, and then to be advertised .
As the director of FSB Bortnikov has informed president Dmitry Medvedev, by its service have been detained some persons having the information on preparation of act of terrorism in Domodedovo, and also its participants. Thanks to indications of arrested persons helpers of the suicide bomber who has blown up on January, 24th in a hall of an arrival of the Moscow airport of Domodedovo have been established and put on the wanted list. From explosion, we will remind, 36 persons were lost and more than hundreds have got wounds. According to the head of FSB, its subordinates now restores chronology of actions of the condemned man and its helpers on a route of movement from the south to Moscow .

Mister Bortnikov has noticed that to its service, thanks to the done operative work, it was possible to establish the prospective organizer of act of terrorism, and the biography of its lost executor and is at all known to security officers to trifles. 20 - the summer shahid, the native one of republics of the North Caucasus according to FSB, in August of last year has left in one of gangs hiding in remote area. Thus spent examination of remains of the condemned man has shown that in a body of the lost insurgent was a large quantity of strong narcotic and psychotropic substances .

In turn head SKR of Russia Alexander Bastrykin has noticed what to identify the shahid it was possible rapidly - all for two days after act of terrorism, and is absolutely authentic.

Results of examinations do not cause doubts, they were spent by the largest experts - mister Bastrykin has noted. According to head SKR, the searches spent by its employees have shown that in act of terrorism was involved not only the shahid, but also members of his family who participated in preparation of a crime and rendered the practical help to the relative.

however instead of an expected praise Dmitry Medvedev has let know that does not divide optimism of agents of national security. I consider absolutely inadmissible when even before carrying out of all investigatory procedures, preparation of the bill of particulars, its sending in court, adjudgment and to its introduction into force someone declares disclosing of a crime, especially such heavy, - the president has told. - You reported on me that there is an advancement in investigation, it is good, but representatives of Office of Public Prosecutor, investigatory committee, other officials have no right to declare crime disclosing .

Having noticed that advance at a consequence really is, the president of Russia has declared that it is necessary to find still these geeks and to make so that at them the earth burnt underfoot . While it it is not made, a crime, according to the head of the state, remains not opened. Summing up a meeting, Dmitry Medvedev has recommended pravoohraniteljam to work and not to be advertised .

it is not excluded that so rigid reaction of the head of the state speaks, in particular, that during the report heads SKR and FSB and did not name to it any surname of suspects or arrested persons within the limits of criminal case. As some hours prior to a meeting it has made the Internet - edition Lifenews. ru, informed that at the Domodedovo airport, according to its sources, has ostensibly blown up 20 - the summer inhabitant of the Ingush settlement Ali - Jurt Magomed Evloev.

to Confirm or deny this information interested departments do not hurry up yet. Anyway, interrogated yesterday heads of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and management SKR across Ingushetia have informed that about ostensibly spent to Ali - the Yurta is investigatory - operative actions they do not know. With surprise has learnt about an identification the shahid even the head of Ingushetia Junus - Bek Evkurov, which has asked to comment on the data about the prospective condemned man. hearings about participation of this person in republic have really appeared, after Ali - the Yurta were visited with inquiries by journalists, - the head of republic has told. - I have already given to Office of Public Prosecutor and the Ministry of Internal Affairs the commission to check up this information. While I can tell that the interrogated parents of Evloeva assert that their son has simply left on affairs and will soon return .