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The American diplomats will go to the people

US State Secretary Hillari Clinton has demanded from 260 heads of the American diplomatic missions which have gathered for the first Global conference of ambassadors in Washington, to reduce quantity of written reports and more actively to use social networks. In its opinion, the American diplomats have seen latest developments in Egypt, Tunis and other Arabian countries because too were fond of drawing up of reports, forgetting to leave for walls of embassies . Therefore, the state secretary considers to keep positions of the USA in the world, gosdep should reconstruct the work considerably.
carrying out of the first Global conference of ambassadors gosdep the USA declared in December. An overall objective of unprecedented diplomatic gathering should become discussion of priorities of foreign policy in 2011 and for participation in a meeting 260 heads of the American representations from 180 countries of the world have been caused. To Washington there could not arrive only the ambassador of the USA in Egypt Margaret Skobi (for the clear reasons) and the special representative of the state secretary on problems of women of Melani Vervir which have allowed to finish visit to Congo.

conference opening has taken place on Monday, but its summons is not published till now. In reply to inquiry in a press - service gosdepa have advised to watch for official a press - releases, having refused to answer other questions. Nevertheless a source close to gosdepu, has let know that latest developments in Tunis and Egypt sharply staticized value of a meeting. it is obvious that not only publications WikiLeaks, but also the situation in the Near East demands serious reorganisation in work gosdepa, - the interlocutor " speaks; . - Completely to avoid information leakage, discussing similar questions, it is possible only during personal meetings. Meanwhile similar gathering allows the state secretary in schitanye days to meet key diplomats from different regions of the world .

Opinion of a source has indirectly confirmed also itself the state secretary, addressed on Wednesday to participants of conference. when we planned this meeting hoped that the beginning of February will be quiet, - she recognised. - but latest developments in all Near East have shown, how quickly the earth can leave at you from - under feet and it is how much important to keep for us in the lead positions in the world .

According to the state secretary, it is necessary for the American representatives to leave diplomatic politeness and more actively to enter dialogue with simple people in host countries. Till now, the madam Clinton considers, many embassies of the USA underestimated importance civil forces standing up for national performances in Egypt and Tunis .

For adjustment of dialogue diplomats should use social networks more actively. if we do not learn to use effectively this tool we will soon lose our positions in the world - has warned the state secretary.

for the decision of a task in view Hillari Clinton has demanded to reduce volume of diplomatic correspondence. too often you appear chained to the tables, making reports for the congress and gosdepa which so never and will not be read - it has criticised ambassadors and heads of consulates. As has underlined the state secretary, its conclusions are based on the report of the general inspector Harold Gisela who has analysed work of 55 embassies. According to the inquiry prepared by it, reports of diplomats often are too tightened and not clear and their drawing up occupies the most part of working hours of embassies. Besides preparation of various papers by embassies annually manages to the budget in $50 million According to the state secretary, in the near future gosdep will cancel a rule according to which diplomats should make not less than three reports on each event, and the volume of reports henceforth cannot exceed two pages.

planned reduction of the budget of foreign policy department on which insists the republican majority in the congress of the USA became one more theme mentioned by the state secretary. some in the lower chamber consider that it is necessary to refuse the program of the financial help to the foreign states (see yesterday`s . - ), - has complained Hillari Clinton. - but if it occurs, the USA risk to lose in the lead positions in world diplomacy, and our place somebody will occupy another .