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Anton Shipulin has passed a boundary

the Russian biathlonist Anton Shipulin has won yesterday the victory first in the career at World Cup stages, having won sprint race in Italian Anterselve. It also became the first in a season for man`s Russian national team.
Anton Shipulina`s yesterday`s victory can cheer up to all Russian national team which to it, it is possible to tell, with a crash ruined a season. On its account at five already taken place stages of a World Cup, in 29 races there was only one gold. It was won one week ago in German by Rupoldinge Olga Zajtseva. In an active of men there were only third places.

break has made the unluckiest among them. For Anton Shipulina the previous two stages have turned to a continuous nightmare. In Oberhofe in weights - start Shipulin went in a three of leaders, but has missed chances of prize-winning places, having fallen and having broken a ski. Then in Rupoldinge before sprint race has broken boek its rifles. After the first boundary, without having brought down any target, he has acted in film from competitions.

however yesterday Anton Shipulin debuting in a national team in year before last, has achieved worthy indemnification for all these misfortunes. The Russian sportsman starting in the first group has shown excellent speed of a course and has closed all targets in both firing lines - this time problems with a rifle have not arisen.

as a result on finish Anton Shipulin has brought 27 seconds to Austrian Simonu Ederu in the lead at that point in time. However, behind there were more many terrible contenders. However, fortunately for Shipulina, at its main competitors problems on a shooting range have begun. For lack of the veteran Ole Einar Bjoerndalen who has passed the sprint, all Norwegians have ruined shooting. Fast Lars Berger shot more precisely Tareja Be and Emilja - Hegle Svennsena, but the unique miss on a rack all - taki has not allowed it to catch up with Shipulina.

Michael Grajs who also has purely passed both firing lines has a little frightened the Russian fans only. After the second he won against the Russian 0,8 seconds However on the remained piece of veteran Grajsa has not sufficed: the odds have turned to ten seconds of loss.