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Boris Nemtsov as Vladimir Putin`s subjective representation

has passed yesterday preliminary session In Savelovsky regional court of Moscow under the claim of co-chairmen of Party of national freedom of Boris Nemtsov, Vladimir Ryzhkova and Vladimir Milova to the prime minister - to minister Vladimir Putin about honour and dignity protection. As an occasion its words have served in the channel air Russia that three oppositionists together with Boris Berezovsky have dragged off many billions . The representative of mister Putin on court has declared that does not know, whether he told it, and in a response on the claim has written that words have been caused an emotional condition the prime minister - the minister. Oppositionists named a shame behaviour of the head of the government, which is not responsible for the words .
the Occasion to the claim of a steel of a word of the prime minister in TV program Conversations with Vladimir Putin on December, 16th, 2010. In the end of the program mister Putin has decided to answer questions which he has selected. Having read a question of the unknown author: That wanted actually by Nemtsov, Ryzhkov, Milov and so on? the prime minister - the minister has answered: Money and the power that they still want?! In due time they pouraganili, in 90 - h have dragged off years together with Berezovskys and those who now is in imprisonment places which we remembered today, many billions. Them from a feeding trough have dragged, they poizderzhalis, it would be desirable to return and fill up the pockets . Words of the prime minister them from a feeding trough have dragged claimants named in the claim the estimated statement of the respondent, its caused inflamed imagination pouraganili - the statement of respondent V.V.Putin about the facts which ostensibly were taking place . Anybody from claimants never made the above-stated illegal actions together with B. And. Berezovsky, - it is underlined in the statement. - opposite, respondent V.V.Putin is in many respects obliged personally to B.A.Berezovsky by the coming to power .

Judge Tatyana Adamova, having accepted the claim to consideration, has obliged Vladimir Putin to present a written response on it. Yesterday it to court has presented the official representative of premieres - the minister Elena Zabralova. In it appeared that the claim is not subject to satisfaction, as under Constitution item 29 to everyone thought and word freedom " is guaranteed;. Madam Zabralova refers also to the European convention fixing the right each freely to express opinion. Moreover, Vladimir Putin`s representative argues on a theme that freedom of expression of opinion is one of bases of a democratic society and one of the main conditions of its progress . Freedom of expression of thoughts extends on ideas and data which are Shocking, offending or giving trouble - these are requirements of pluralism, tolerance and liberalism madam Zabralova is assured.

It has explained that Vladimir Putin has stated subjective representation about claimants as about political figures . Thus she has underlined that their activity is in detail shined in mass-media that allows spectators to formulate the opinion on oppositionists. As a result she has noticed that at an emotional condition in public conversation it is impossible to observe abstraktnost . it is important that Vladimir Putin and does not try to prove about uvorovannye billions, such proofs are not present, and Putin says that wants, without caring of validity of the statements - the lawyer of oppositionists Vadim Prokhorov has noted. In turn, Boris Nemtsov has told that it The shame that the person dares to slander, and then tries to prove that was able affect . The Same position is occupied also with Vladimir Milov.

At the session madam Zabralova has declared that the principal did not discuss with it, whether he told a phrase challenged by claimants, and she cannot confirm its authenticity. Representatives VGTRK who act on process as co-defendants, have declared that do not know about an aether with Vladimir Putin and did not hear its performance. The lawyer of claimants has presented the record of translation taken from official site VGTRK " to the answer; to Conduct. ru . time the respondent does not remember, we will make judicial inquiry about record granting - mister Prokhorov has declared.

a press - Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov`s secretary has declared that litigation as it is the competence of the lawyer does not make comments. On a question, whether the variant of arrival of mister Putin in court is possible, mister Peskov has answered that it will depend that there occurs, - while such in plans is not present . The adviser of chairman VGTRK Victoria Arutyunov on a question whether can so to happen that record of the air with Vladimir Putin will disappear from archive VGTRK, has told that on preliminary sessions of court VGTRK never makes comments and comments of lawyers will be after decision removal. Claim consideration is in essence appointed to February, 14th.

yesterday Vladimir Putin at a meeting with collective the First channel has accused opposition in lies . When I listen sometimes to some things, I - that know that actually in life occurs, - mister Putin has declared. - I both see, and I hear that they say lies, but even I concern it absolutely easy. Someone should and say lies, because someone wants to hear this lies . Let mister Putin at first will answer inquiry of the judge Adam`s which has asked it to produce that evidence that Ryzhkov, Milov and Nemtsov together with Berezovsky have dragged off in 90 - e billions. Where, mister Putin, your proofs? - Boris Nemtsov has taken an interest.