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The church will address to the state with council

Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Cyril intends to continue reform of church management. In particular, the head has suggested to form the Higher church council (VTSS), an executive office of Russian Orthodox Church (Russian Orthodox Church), and to reduce the intercathedral period, that is breaks between sessions of the supreme body of management of church, arhierejskogo a cathedral, from four till two years.
after personnel shifts in the higher church management which have occurred in 2009, the head of Russian Orthodox Church has decided to pass to transformation of the structure of management of church. We will remind, the new head has started change of an administrative board of the Moscow patriarchy right after introductions on the patriarchal throne: In March, 2009 under the decision of the Synod bishop Ilarion (it has taken Cyril`s place) became the head of foreign policy department of Russian Orthodox Church, an administrative office of the Moscow patriarchy instead of metropolitan Klimenta the archbishop has headed Saransk and Mordovian Varsonofy. New church structures - Synod department on mutual relations of church and a society, Synod information department have been the same year formed. Besides it, the patriarch has made the decision on re-structuring of central office of the Moscow patriarchy. In particular, the administrative secretary which is responsible for the decision within the limits of a patriarchy of administrative, economic, personnel, legal, legal and information questions (" has been formed; told about it on April, 3rd, 2009).

Summer of the same year the decision on creation of Intercathedral presence - an advisory body, " was accepted; Russian Orthodox Church promoting to the higher church power in preparation of the decisions, concerning most important questions of internal life and external activity of church . The new body urged to discuss preliminary the questions which are taken out on pomestnyj and arhierejsky cathedrals (the supreme bodies of church management). Intercathedral presence is divided into the thematic commissions, each of which prepares documents on certain questions, - the head of department of external church communications metropolitan Ilarion has explained. - These questions are taken out for national discussion, and any interested person can leave the responses on the Internet. Thus, in working out of the documents which are taken out on the statement arhierejskogo of a cathedral, all completeness of church " takes part;.

These changes it seemed to the patriarch insufficiently. Cyril has offered members arhierejskogo a cathedral which finishes work today, to form VTSS. The new body together with the Sacred synod should prosecute subjects of church administration, an economy, shkolno - educational, auditing and legal issues, audit of dioceses. Now these functions are assigned to Synod establishments. Thus the head has suggested to reduce the intercathedral period from four till two years operatively to solve church questions.

I would compare Intercathedral presence to a legislature, and VTSS - with an executive office arhierejskogo a cathedral and the Sacred synod, - have explained the head a press - services of the patriarch of Moscow and all Russia archpriest Vladimir Vigiljansky. - VTSS it urged to systematise work of Synod establishments which contacted before among themselves " a little;. The new body will include all heads of Synod establishments - department of external church communications, publishing council, department on church charity and social service, department on interaction with armed forces and law-enforcement establishments, information department, church and society department and others.

creation VTSS shows that work of Synod establishments which carry out interaction with public and official bodies separately, is not effective enough. Having collected all in one body, the patriarch has decided to improve their work, - the director of Institute of religion and Roman Lunkin right considers. - All transformations of the patriarch show that he has decided to put things in order in church management .