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The Maryinsky Theater has opened the new price

the Most expensive architectural project among theatres of last time it is considered National opera theatre in Oslo , opened in April, 2008. The building from white marble and aluminium the area of 49 thousand in sq. m has three scenes: on 1369, 400 and 200 places. The project has managed to the budget of Norway in $835 million .

Building Opera theatre of Copenhagen , opened in January, 2005, costed $500 million . The ultramodern building the area of 41 thousand in sq. m has two scenes. The basic hall contains to 1,7 thousand spectators. The theatre is constructed on private means.

the national centre of performing arts in Beijing has opened in December, 2007. The total area of the complex including a building from glass and the egg-shaped titan, makes about 200 thousand in sq. m. the General capacity of three halls - about 5,4 thousand spectators. According to official figures, the project cost nearby $470 million However a number of experts expressed doubt in this figure, considering that the government has not wanted to irritate public opinion with impressive expenses.

building of the well-known building the Sydney opera has begun in 1959 with the estimate in $7 million To opening in 1973 of an expense have made record the then $102 million (now this sum corresponds approximately $580 million ).

In the middle of 90 - h years restoration Opera theatre in the Dignity - Frantsisko , the 1989 which has suffered from earthquake, costed $88,5 million Reconstruction at Milan opera theatre La Scala in 2002 - 2004 has managed in $67 million