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The arbitration court of the Perm edge

has refused Yesterday to Akron in imposing obespechitelnyh measures under the claim to Silvinitu where to the company belongs 8,1 % of ordinary actions. Akron asked court to forbid meeting of shareholders Silvinita on February, 4th to vote concerning joining to Uralkaliju . Consideration of the basic claim Akron about invalidity of the decision of board of directors Silvinita about merge the court has appointed to March, 11th. The main claim Akron - low, according to the company, factors of an exchange of actions at association. Olga Mordjushenko

Shareholders Euronetworks
(companies ANN and Vympelcom ) Declared that the transaction on acquisition of a group of companies the Euronetwork at Timur Artemyev and Evgenie Chichvarkina`s structures it is finished. In September, 2008 businessman Alexander Mamut has agreed about purchase of 100 % Euronetworks at Evgenie Chichvarkina and Timur Artemyev`s its founders more than for $1,25 mlrd (taking into account a debt which on the end of 2007 made $850 million). Then mister Mamut has sold 49,9 % ritejlera to Vympelcom with an option for 25 % of the company. A source close to Euronetworks has explained that payments to the former shareholders ritejlera have been broken on transhy and last from them has been now extinguished. Yesterday mister Chichvarkin has declared that the transaction was very difficult, but now it is successfully closed . Inna Yerokhin

the European media group
(EMG; radio networks Europe Plus Retro FM Radio 7 Fruitcake FM And Fresh radio ) It is exposed on sale, president EMG George Polinski in interview has confirmed the Internet - to edition Slon. ru. That the French holding Lagardere, owner EMG, has employed bank Societe Generale for sale of the Russian broadcasting business, informed on December, 24th, 2010. polinski has confirmed and resulted an estimation of business EMG - $150 million According to the president of group, its gain in 2010 has made 2 mlrd rbl., EBITDA - more than 400 million rbl. Among applicants on EMG name holding Choose radio Ivan Tavrina, operating 56 regional radio stations, and also George Polinski. President EMG does not make comments on the interest to purchase of group. Slon. ru; Sergey Sobolev

Open Society Gazprom
has appointed general director Gazprom EP International B V. (GEPI) Valery Guleva. Since 2001 it supervised over Joint-Stock Company Gazprom Zarubezhneftegaz Working in Vietnam, India, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Former head GEPI Boris Ivanov it is released from a post in connection with transition to other work . By data new appointment can become a consolidation element Gazprom all foreign projects on gas production on the basis of GEPI. Now GEPI joint venture NIGAZ in Nigeria owns shares in several concessions in Libya, a licence site in Algeria, carries on negotiations with the Venezuelan state company PdVSA on blocks Ajakucho - 3, Blankila - Tortuga, and also Mariskal of Sucre. Natalia Grib

Open Company the News of Autdor
structure of the operator of outdoor advertising News Outdoor largest in the country, has refused the claim to inspection of Federal tax service (FNS) N 31 across Moscow on 344 million rbl. Simply as has explained The director of legal department News Outdoor Gary Napalkov, IFNS itself has returned to the operator the uniform tax paid to it to the made income (ENVD) for 2005 - 2006. Under the decision of arbitration court of Moscow the News of Autdor last year has paid to tax specialists 1,34 mlrd rbl., donachislennyh for 2005 - 2006 of the VAT, the profit tax, and also a fine. The company could not prove that as the distributor of outdoor advertising had the right to use preferential ENVD. Appeal and cassation instances have supported that decision. And in the end of the past January board of judges of the Supreme Arbitration Court (YOU) the Russian Federation has refused to transfer the supervising complaint the News of Autdor in presidium YOU. Sergey Sobolev