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From fresh mail

Arseny Shehovtsev, 2 years, a children`s cerebral paralysis, are required course treatment. 106 thousand rbl.

Attention! Cost of treatment of 156 thousand rbl. of Joint-Stock Company rajffajzenbank has brought 50 thousand rbl. there is no 106 thousand rbl.

Dear Rusfond, about nobleness of your readers we have learnt at Institute of medical technologies (IMT). To pay two medical courses for the son, we collected year many a little. Arseny - our joy, souls in it not tea. One trouble: the kid is very sick. Was born nedonoshennym. To creep the beginnings only after treatment in IMT. Does not speak. But native learns, smiles - the intelligence is kept. Doctors IMT speak, our boy is perspective, but brain stimulation is necessary to it. And to pay for treatment there is nothing. In a family nobody works. Do not think that we parasites, - the husband the hypertensive person, the invalid 2 - j groups. Established by decree I any more do not receive. On a four (still the daughter of five years) - two pensions. God forbid it to appear to someone in such situation. But the hope is, and we do not surrender. Please, help us. Lyudmila Shehovtseva, Stavropol Territory

Neurologist IMT Olga Rymareva (Moscow): Arseny fixes a sight, well comes into contact, says many new sounds, rises on full foot. It will independently sit and go, if therapy does not interrupt. And at school can study .

Sofia - Maria Kotorobaj, 9 months, imperfect osteogenez ( the glass person ) Treatment is required. 140 thousand rbl.

Attention! Cost of treatment of 210 thousand rbl. Company LVMH Perfumes and Cosmetics (Russia) has brought 70 thousand rbl. (a detail on rusfond. ru). There is no 140 thousand rbl.

the First month of life the Sleepyhead has spent in hospital, hanging head over heels on extension. She was born with ten crises of hands, feet, clavicles and shoulders. So we have learnt about glass illness . Though both of us physicians: the husband still the student, and I have received the diploma of the doctor, but did not work - have given birth to Julju (to it two years), and trace the Sleepyhead. We live in a hostel. Sleepyheads to concern terribly. You change a diaper - again crisis! Certainly, any gymnastics. We do not try to sit, and here hands work well. In Moldova do not treat imperfect osteogenez. By means of philanthropists we have passed a course in Moscow, at the doctor Clean, and on the further treatment of money are not present. The husband, the future surgeon - the oncologist, as early as will receive a year the grant of 2,7 thousand rbl. Parents have managed to raise money only on road to Moscow. Help! Natalia Sushchenko, Moldova

Managing branch of pediatrics of the European medical centre Natalia Belova (Moscow): The earlier there is begun treatment, the it is more successful. Is for what to struggle: bones of the Sleepyhead after crises had not time to be deformed cardinally. We hope to put the girl on feet .

Liza Spirin, 2 months, vascular defeat of the person, are necessary surgical treatment. 100 thousand rbl.

Attention! The treatment price - 150 thousand rbl. Welfare fund Our initiative the companies M.Video has brought 50 thousand rbl. (a detail on rusfond. ru). There is 100 thousand rbl.

no Liza absolutely kroha, the third month. Local doctors could not define that for stains at it on the person, and we have addressed in centre of science at Mediko - stomatologic university. There have appointed sklerozirujushchie pricks. After three procedures (on 7 thousand rbl.) The daughter does not look better, vessels have turned blue. And doctors assured that illness development is stopped. At Lizy bruises on all person. Especially on a lip, a chin, the sky and language (it even is increased). Will begin to cry - veins are blown up. We feed with its mix from a small bottle: at me from stress milk was gone. Cost of treatment above our possibilities. We live for the salary of the husband - the engineer. We are afraid to waste time and start illness. Respond, please! Victoria Spirin, Moscow Region

the Head of the Center cheljustno - obverse surgery Vitaly Roginsky (Moscow): At Lizy dizostoz - vascular malformatsija persons. Sklerozirujushchaja therapy at such defeats is ineffective, the surgery is required. We have hi-tech methods (chrezkozhnaja radio-frequency ablatsija) and we will cure the girl .

Ilya Glazunov, 5 months, congenital bilateral kosolapost, urgently are required treatment. 84 thousand rbl.

we Live three together, I, the wife and the child, in a communal flat. The operator of telecommunication I earn 11 thousand rbl. At the wife established by decree is not present, before pregnancy it did not work, recently has moved to me from Moscow. A foot of our son look against each other, and in knees of a leg a semicircle. Ilya cannot go at all! Feet yet did not treat, not before was: the kid has transferred operation concerning defect zheludochno - an intestinal path, and at it the problem with lungs (consolidation of a pulmonary fabric), too is required surgery. Till a time kosolapost not strongly complicated care of the child, only care it was required, but Ilya all becomes more active, and on feet it is impossible to rise. I am compelled to ask about the help in payment of treatment and I hope that me will understand. Veniamin Glazunov, St.-Petersburg

the Assistant to the head physician of hospital of a name Soloveva Yury Filimendikov (Yaroslavl): It is necessary to start Ilya`s treatment urgently, time is expensive. Having applied a method of Ponseti, we for two months will deduce stops in correct position. Carrying of orthopedic footwear will prevent relapse .

Grisha Gubanov, 1 year, a congenital heart disease, operation will rescue endovaskuljarnaja. 186 600 rbl.

I all pregnancy was observed at the professor, lay on preservation. Deviations of ultrasonic has not shown. Childbirth has passed not so smoothly, but has written out us healthy. Grisha dews also became such chubby simpatjagoj. And then it had an allergy to many products. The dietician has directed us on heart ultrasonic, and there the doctor has gasped: What big defect! . Terribly is not that word when you know that you can lose the child. Grisha on a diet, he even more often is ill, quickly is tired. Recently have checked up, defect has grown to 9 mm. Fortunately, we live in a century of new technologies. Tomsk cardiologists undertake to close defect in the special sparing way, through vessels. But all good costs much. After a birth of the son it was necessary to buy apartment, and our salaries (the husband the mechanic, I work in the Savings Bank) on a mortgage leave on credit repayment. Remains only on the most necessary, to us operation not to pay. Therefore our letter at you. Will help? Evgenie Gubanova, Altay territory

the Head of the Center of the children`s centre of Tomsk scientific research institute of cardiology FROM the Russian Academy of Medical Science Igor Kovalev: Defect is located in the centre mezhpredserdnoj partitions. We will close it endovaskuljarno, having avoided long operation with a heavy narcosis .

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