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For Yana Popovoj`s rescue there are no 1 120 166 roubles

Managing branch of the European medical centre Natalia Belova (Moscow) tells: Yana Condition was the heaviest at receipt to us in 2009. It practically did not move, only lay, without turning at all. Strongly expressed deformations of feet and hands, crises to four times a month. Then we did not hope at all to prepare Yana for operation - such fragile bones. But now, in one and a half year, Yana confidently sits and even hardly leans against feet. Frequency of crises is sharply reduced, the density of bones has grown on third . And doctors had a hope to put Yana on feet. It is necessary to implant in femoral and bolshebertsovye bones of feet telescopic pins Fassier - Duval (Canada) which will be to grow together with Yana. Preparation for operation will demand four courses of treatment by a preparation pamidronat. This complex treatment will help to correct deformation of Janinyh of legs, will strengthen bones and will return the girl to normal life of contemporaries - madam Belova has declared.

Yana Treatment will manage in 1 600 236 rbl. As always, our constant partner Ahmetov`s fund Rinata Development of Ukraine will bring 30 % of cost: 480 070 rbl. do not suffice 1 120 166 rbl. more

Dear friends! If you decide to rescue Yana Popovu let you are not confused with the rescue price. Any your donation with gratitude will be accepted. It is possible to list money in welfare fund the Help (founders the publishing house and Lev Ambinder) and on the bank account Janinoj of mum Victoria Vladimirovny Popovoj. All requisites are in the Russian fund of the help. It is possible to use and our system of electronic payments, having made a donation from a credit card or an electronic cash, including from - for a boundary.