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Rosneft has entered struggle against LUKOIL

On the large Naulsky oil field which Rosnedra unsuccessfully tried to sell in August, 2010, there were new applicants. After starting payment has been lowered almost twice, demands for competition have submitted LUKOIL and Rosneft . On market conditions, analysts believe, competition would win LUKOIL. But participants of the market expect that the winner, as well as in a case with deposits of Trebsa and Titov, also being in Nenets joint-stock company, will be chosen politically and Naulsky will get Rosneft .
Today expires term of demands acceptance for participation in competition on the Naulsky deposit. Gathering for participation (almost 242 thousand rbl.) Have brought LUKOIL and Rosneft has told a source in Rosnedrah. The state company has already made an application, LUKOIL is going to make it today. According to the interlocutor state Zarubezhneft also was going to take part in competition. The company even has brought gathering, but has then changed the mind and has taken away money back. Competition will take place on April, 4th, and the deposit should be paid till March, 4th. Edinorazovyj initial payment for the Naulsky deposit is defined at a rate of 3,6 mlrd rbl.

the Naulsky oil deposit is located in Nenets joint-stock company. According to Rosnedr, its taken stocks make more than 50 million tons on category 1+2. Oil from a deposit can be transported on the oil pipeline which is on distance of 33 km. By the present moment in site territory 16 chinks five of which are liquidated are drilled, and the others are preserved.

It already the second attempt of Rosnedr to sell the licence on Naulsky. For the first time it has been exposed on sale in the end of June, the size of starting payment made then almost 7 mlrd rbl. the Unique applicant had appeared Gazprom oil which develops being nearby Southern - the Toravejsky site. But in the course of preparation of the FEASIBILITY REPORT of the project the company has considered that the sum of payment for the licence is too high, and participation in competition has refused, then it has been recognised by not taken place. Yesterday in oil Gazprom have refused to explain, why the company has decided not to participate in repeated competition, despite decrease in starting payment.

LUKOIL and Rosneft - the largest nedropolzovateli NAO. LUKOIL owns in this region a petrotransport infrastructure - the pipeline from a deposit Southern Hylchuju to terminal Varandej which also belongs to the company. LUKOIL already tried to receive new sites in NAO - the company together with affiliated structure of the multinational corporation - VR, Gazprom oil Surgutneftegaz Bashneftju and the North Imperialom under control Indian ONGC, applied for deposits of a name of Trebsa and Titov. But all demands, except the demand Surgutneftegaz and Bashnefti as a result have been rejected for the formal reasons. The licence has got Bashnefti . The high-ranking source in one of the companies - applicants names competition results the political decision .

In a case to competition on Naulsky there can be the same, considers a source familiar with a course of its preparation. The interlocutor it is assured that the winner is predetermined in advance - to them becomes state Rosneft . If competition is spent on market conditions the most probable candidate on a victory - LUKOIL, Grigory Birg from " considers; Investment cafe . The company in region has all necessary infrastructure, the analyst, except that, LUKOIL - the most probable partner for " explains; Bashnefti in working out of deposits of a name of Trebsa and Titov and to develop these projects in common logically.

but competitions now have formal character, therefore at Rosneft the greatest chances of a victory, Valery Nesterov from " considers; Three Dialogue . Last years at the company extraction level in Timano - Pechora promptly decreases, the analyst explains, therefore it needs to fill up resource base in region, and Naulsky - an optimum variant.