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Koltsovo takes planes on itself

Airport Koltsovo under control to group Renova buys from airline Region - avia four regional planes Embraer - 120 for a total sum about $10 million It is an unprecedented case both for Russian, and for the international market. Koltsovo tries to adjust thus regional transportations round the airport. To maintain planes the airline " should; Ruslajn which will receive them on favourable terms.

as have told some sources on an aviation market, group Renova Victor Vekselberg carries on negotiations for acquisition at airline Region - avia four planes Embraer - 120 (50 places) total cost about $10 million Planes will be put on balance of the Ekaterinburg airport. Their airline " will maintain; Ruslajn which takes planes in operational leasing on favourable terms. Also the carrier will accept in staff of the pilots working by these planes. To use Embraer - 120 Ruslajn should only on regional routes from Koltsovo. It is a question, for example, of flights to Samara, Ufa, Kazan and Novosibirsk.

in Koltsovo comments concerning purchase of planes have refused. In Region - avia and Ruslajn have confirmed the fact of negotiations with Koltsovo, but to discuss details have refused. We will remind, Ruslajn and airport Koltsovo in June of last year have agreed upon opening of new flights from Ekaterinburg for which the company should use 50 - kreselnye jet planes CRJ - 200. At the first stage this project provides opening of 5 new directions and increase in rate of flights in 4 cities of Russia - marked then in a press - airport service ( wrote about it in 104 from June, 11th, 2010). By estimations of Koltsovo, the airline program will allow to increase in addition volume of work of the airport more than by 3 %.

Ruslajn is based at the Moscow airport of Domodedovo. Works under brand Air Volga. Carries out regional transportations from Moscow, Volgograd, Ekaterinburg, Irkutsk and Petersburg. The company park consists of nine planes CRJ - 200 (50 places), six of which are based in Moscow, two - in Ekaterinburg and one - in Irkutsk. In 2010 the airline has transported 23,86 thousand passengers.

Koltsovo enters into the five of the largest airports of Russia, in 2010 has served 2,74 million persons. On 50,19 % belongs to Open Society Koltsovo - Invest (it is under control Renove ) 46,08 more % of actions are on balance of Rosimushchestva.

Now Embraer - 120 are in the property at related structure Region - avia foreign ABC - leasing, on 100 % belonging to one of its foreign founders. Itself Region - avia has suspended flights in the beginning of year, but its owners promise that will keep certificate action ekspluatanta and in the near future will enter the market with the new project. Details do not reveal yet, it is known only that it is a question of a segment of regional transportations.

the head of analytical department Aviaport Oleg Panteleev notices that it is a question of the unique scheme for an aviation market when not leasing structure or airline, and the airport becomes the owner of planes. The expert says that by means of such combination Renove It was possible to involve in development of a regional routeing network in Koltsovo and the management familiar with such transportations, and regional planes, which now in the market in deficiency. The expert, itself " Besides, adds; Ruslajn hardly could spend $10 million for new planes.

but the director for strategic development of the airport of Pulkovo Vladislav Borodulin names the transaction unnatural underlining that transfer of planes to leasing not business of the airports. The expert notices that it is a question of return to the Soviet practice when airlines have been united with the airports and constrained each other in development. the project very risky - Vladislav Borodulin speaks, explaining what pay off it can not soon, will constrain a free competition in Koltsovo and to distract a manpower of its management.