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The public prosecutor has demanded from the government to exclude korruptsiogennyj the factor

Sverdlovsk public prosecutor Yury Ponomarev has addressed to the chairman of the government of region Anatoly Gredinu with the requirement to exclude korruptsiogennyj the factor from the standard legal certificate about an order of an establishment and use of strips of tap of highways of regional value (has been accepted by the government in January, 2011). In borders of a strip of tap performance of the works which have been not connected with building, reconstruction, repair and the highway maintenance is forbidden; placing of the buildings which are not intended for service of a highway and not concerning objects road service - explained during acceptance of the document by the government Sergey Shvindt occupying then a post of the minister of transport and a road economy. But, as have informed in Office of Public Prosecutor, following the results of anticorruption check it was found out that the regulations of granting of the ground areas are not registered in the decision. in particular, the document does not register an order of the reference with demands, term of their consideration, and also the basis for refusal in satisfaction of petitions - it is told in the communique of Sverdlovsk Office of Public Prosecutor. Absence of it in the document can result, according to Office of Public Prosecutor, in creation of administrative barriers to businessmen, and officials can to demand granting of material benefits in exchange for the positive decision of a question . the Requirement of the public prosecutor we yet did not see. As soon as it we will receive, we will understand, and corresponding decisions " will be made; - has informed yesterday a press - the secretary of the chairman of the government Evgenie Kharlamov.