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The factor of the field has played in court

As yesterday it became known past Wednesday the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev the decree N 129 has appointed the chairman of the Supreme court of Dagestan the judge of republican court Ruslana Mirzaeva. Mister Mirzaev has been recommended by the Higher qualifying board of judges (VKKS) the Russian Federation by results of the third competition under the account for this post which has ended in December of last year. Winners of two previous competitions and could not pass up to the end all stages of selection, than year the Supreme court of Dagestan therefore there is more remained without the high-grade head.
the former head of the judicial case of republic Anvar Magomedov, we will remind, has retired in December, 2009. Since then VKKS declared competition on a vacant place three times. The first three candidates - the first vice-president of the Supreme court of Dagestan have won at once Sulejman Sulejmanov, the chief of republican judicial department Muhtar of Lobsters and the representative under human rights at the president of republic Ummupazil Omarova. However all of them then or have removed the nominees, or have not undergone statement procedure in Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation. In the second competition participated one and a half ten applicants from Dagestan, but its colonel of justice Vladimir Danilov heading 26 - j has won the garrison military court located in Baikonur both serving the Russian parts and the cosmodrome. About the reasons which have compelled VKKS to declare the third contest for vacancy of the chairman of the Supreme court of Dagestan, officially it was not informed, however in Makhachkala persistent hearings went that mister Danilov has not sustained rendered on it in republic of pressure and took rejection.

In the list from 11 candidates participating in the third competition, 47 - summer Ruslan Mirzaev was considered as the applicant most arranging the president of republic Magomedsalama Magomedova with whom mister Mirzaeva connect and some years of teamwork. Active intervention of mister Magomedov, under the certificate of sources in the Makhachkala White house, promoted that the military judge from Baikonur Vladimir Danilov and has not headed the Supreme court of Dagestan.

at Ruslana Mirzaeva which father of Magomed Mirzaev in Soviet period held a post of the public prosecutor of Dagestan, a solid track record. After the termination of faculty of law of the Dagestan state university it has worked five years in Srednekaspijsky water Office of Public Prosecutor, and in 1991 - 1994 supervised over legal department of joint-stock company Dagestan commodity - a raw stock exchange Magomedsalam Magomedov was which president, and was engaged in lawyer activity. Then within ten years Ruslan Mirzaev served in bodies of tax police of Dagestan, and since 2004 is the judge of the Supreme court of republic. Colleagues of mister Mirzaeva respond about it as about thoughtful and objective the judge, the good expert on civil law. it from those judges to whom it is possible to go to consult - so one of employees of the Supreme court of republic has characterised mister Mirzaeva.

yesterday in conversation with Ruslan Mirzaev, speaking about priorities which to it should be solved in a new post, first of all has mentioned 262 - j the federal law About providing of access to the information on an activity of the courts of the Russian Federation . It is necessary to make everything that all judgements in reasonable terms were entered into a database and became accessible to citizens - it has explained. Great attention, according to mister Mirzaeva, it is necessary to give and preparation of court for work in new conditions: Since 2012, after entering of essential changes into the Civil remedial code, we should be prepared for work in the conditions of the appeal, and with 2013 - go the appeal instance will appear in courts of subjects of the Russian Federation and on criminal cases .

answering a question on difficult background of its election and on expectations which are connected with arrival of mister Mirzaeva on a post of the main judge of republic by the president of Dagestan Magomedsalam Magomedov, the new chairman of the Supreme court was laconic: Likely, to answer this question prematurely, - he has told, - the new decree is not published yet, to me have informed on it only in the oral form. Obviously, after the publication procedure of representation me is necessary to a republic management in which course the president and will state the wishes. I can assume only that it will be a question first of all of that in courts normal, objective work that there was no red tape and corruption that the court was fast, and decisions fair " has been adjusted;.