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The taxi in Moscow will be less

the Mayoralty of Moscow has developed the plan on taxi development in capital till 2013. It is supposed that quantity of cars of a taxi in a city will reduce twice - to 25 thousand, but each car will be four-door, levorulnym and equipped GLONASS/ GPS and a climate - control. Taxi drivers will oblige to know Russian and Moscow, and in a city there will be zones, “ limited for motor transport “ where will have access only a taxi. The penalty for illegal carrying will make 30 thousand rbl.
On a site of the government of Moscow the project " is published; Prime actions of development of taxi transportations in Moscow on 2011 - 2013 “ (the document will be confirmed after public examination). Reform of the market of a taxi prepared department of transport and communication of Moscow and the Moscow transport union some years, and in January capital mayor Sergey Sobjanin has charged to accelerate the plan of reform of a taxi. As a matter of fact, act of terrorism in Domodedovo on January, 24th, 2010 when taxi drivers have inflated the prices for transportation to 10 became a push - 15 thousand rbl. Right after it on the instructions of the mayor the government of Moscow has signed the contract on grantings of a taxi for transportation of passengers in emergency situations with the several companies.

according to the mayoralty of Moscow, now in a city is about 9 thousand legal taxi and about 40 thousand illegal “ bombed “. The turn of the illegal market makes nearby 30 mlrd rbl., from - for what the budget of Moscow receives less annually 1,8 mlrd rbl. of taxes. Legal carriers differ from illegal immigrants only that have the permission to enterprise activity (in 2006 in Russia licensing of taxi transportations) has been cancelled. eks - the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov already tried to reform the taxi market in 2008. Then in Moscow the law " has been passed; About a taxi “ which should separate “ bombed “ From diligent carriers, having united the last in spetsreestre. The companies brought there should check regularly drivers on knowledge of Russian, watch their ability to be guided in Moscow. Instead of the power promised tax privileges, the right of use of state parking, but the system has not earned till now.

the plan offered by officials of Sergey Sobjanina, as a matter of fact will reanimate the law “ About a taxi “. Rigid requirements to taxi cars will be established: they should be levorulnymi, four-door, equipped with system GLONASS/ GPS and to correspond to the ecological standard Evro3. Among obligatory requirements - established in the car “ system of maintenance of comfortable temperature in salon “ that is a climate - control. From - for it many companies should update a motor car park: the most widespread taxi of Renault Logan even in topovoj a complete set has no climatic installation. The taxi driver, in turn, should be not younger 21 years and have the experience of driving more than three years. Carriers not meeting these requirements will be considered as illegal immigrants and to be fined on 30 thousand rbl.

It is supposed that in Moscow will work as 25 thousand official taxi. As explain in the mayoralty, it is necessary to avoid superfluous loading on ulichno - a high system. For taksomotorov in a city there will be 600 new parking. Taxi will have the right to use a strip for public transport movement, and also access in “ zones of the limited access of cars “. We will notice that else in 2010 Sergey Sobjanin has declared that in a city will not limit journey of cars to any areas, however the published document suggests otherwise. Besides, legal carriers will have “ exclusive “ access to stations and the airports. The access order to the last will be separately developed: as has explained “ “ The Moscow transport union Yury Sveshnikov, the airports quite often spend “ not clear “ tenders, supposing to the terminals only one - two companies.

“ we support state regulation of the market of a taxi, but there is a number of nuances, - has declared “ “ zamgendirektora the companies “ าเ๊๑่956 “ Julia Yefimov. - in Moscow it is few strips for public transport. As to work at the airports attempts give to someone exclusive access can to lead to conflicts to drivers which many years work on these parking. They, if that, and a wheel can pierce “.