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Problems of the Russian business in Belarus the Historical background

In April, 2001 the brewing company Baltic has agreed with the government of Belarus about beer factory purchase Krynitsa . The Petersburg manufacturer should for two years enclose in the Belarus factory of $50 million then to receive an enterprise controlling interest. By March, 2002 Baltic has enclosed in Krynitsu $10,5 million, however Minsk has refused a single transfer of stock to the investor and has put forward a number of new conditions. Baltic has left the project, having seized at Belarus in the international arbitration $2 million

on September, 24th, 2001 Alexander Lukashenko personally declared MTS victory in the international tender for the right to construct the second network GSM in Belarus. In the project in cost of $200 million 51 % received the Belarus state enterprise the Long distance communication . To the planned term of start of a network of the joint venture was not registered by the Belarus state bodies and has not obtained the licence as Minsk delayed entering of the share into an authorised capital stock. Start has been broken almost for three months.

in July, 2007 the oil and gas company Itera declared business centre building Minsk - City in cost about $4,8 billion In February, 2009 Alexander Lukashenko has shown discontent with a delay with the building beginning, having declared that if the investor not in a condition to realise the project it is necessary to replace it. In November, 2010 of the SOU - 155, the partner Itera owning 15 % of the project, left it. Itera continues to search for financing independently.