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the Organizer of the auctions - Open Company Altai - Komservis (659600, Altay territory, Smolensk area, with. Smolensk, street Factory, 30, the address for correspondence: 656043, Altay territory, Barnaul, and/ I 5262, the INN 2271002703, 1022202666826) informs on carrying out of sale by the public offer of following property Open Company ZHSK - 173 the Key (OGRN 1062222041200, an INN 2222060340, the address: 656058, Altay territory, Barnaul, avenue Northern Vlasihinsky, 66): the Crane tower KB - 402, 1988 of century, the manager. 4302.

the initial price of the public offer, the period and decrease size are specified in the table:

the Period of the public offer (calendar days) demand Floor price, rbl.

With 1 for 7 day inclusive 730 597,50

With 8 for 14 day inclusive 584 478,00

With 15 for 21 day inclusive 438 358,50

With 22 for 28 day inclusive 292 239,00

With 29 for 35 day inclusive 146 119,50

it is considered the day following day of the publication of the given message in the First afternoon of the auctions. The demand should contain the price which the buyer is ready to pay for property. Demands are accepted by the organizer of the auctions to the address: 656043, Altay territory, Barnaul, avenue Socialist, 63. The purchase and sale contract consists to the address specified for demands acceptance with the person, the first made an application, thus the demand price should not be below the price specified in the table for the certain period of tendering. The detailed information to above specified address and bodies.: (3852 27 - 13 - 77.