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Competitive operating IP Tjumentsev N. V Fomin Nikolay Aleksandrovich (an INN 382703138654, insurance individual personal account 119 - 531 - 850 - 62, the address: 664009, Irkutsk, and/ I 95), a member of NP SOPAU Kuban (350015, Krasnodar, street Northern, 309, OGRN 1032307154285, the INN 2312102570), holds the auctions of a mortgaged property in the form of auction on increase of cost with the open form of representation of offers on the acquisition price: and/ m HINO - 500 - 43641, the initial price - 425 988, 16 roubles. Date and time of the auctions: 24. 03. 2011 in 12 - 00. Summarizing of the auctions is carried out in a place of their carrying out: Irkutsk, street Frank - Kamenetsky, 19/ 2 and in day of carrying out. To receive data on a carrying out order it is possible on a venue of the auctions, bodies. (3952 72 - 43 - 63, irkkuban@mail. ru.

demands acceptance Term - 26 working days with 07. 02. 2011 inclusive, to the address: Irkutsk, street Frank - Kamenetsky, 19/ 2. Application forms for participation is accepted by the competitive managing director in the slave. Days to 16. 03. 2011, with 9 - 00 to 17 - 00 hours of local time, to above specified address. The deposit, at a rate of 10 % from prize cost, should arrive on r/ with not later than 7 days prior to tendering date. On the demand it is applied: extract EGRJUL/ EGRIP or its notarial copy, a copy of the document proving the identity (for fiz. Persons), certified translation into Russian of documents about gos. Registration jur. Persons or IP according to the legislation of the corresponding state (for the foreign person); the power of attorney on the person, authorised to operate on behalf of the applicant; the payment document confirming entering of the deposit; the deposit contract, the inventory of documents.

an auction step - 10 % from the initial price. The winner of auction - the person who has offered the greatest price. The purchase and sale contract consists not later than in 5 days from the moment of reception by the buyer of the report on results of the auctions. The buyer is obliged to pay the price of sale of property within 30 days from the date of signing of the contract of purchase and sale on r/ the account.

the contract draught on the deposit:

the Party 1 transfers to the Party 2 deposit in the sum on account of payments due from it in case of a recognition its winner of the auctions of property and the conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale. The deposit is an indispensable condition of participation in the auctions. The deposit is set off in the sum of payments. If the Party 1 is not recognised by the winner of the auctions on property sale the Party 2 undertakes to return the deposit. The deposit is listed on r/ with. In all the rest the parties are guided by norms of the legislation of the Russian Federation.