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That the summer did not come to an end

Dmitry Medvedev has signed the decree about cancellation of transition to winter time. Blogery discuss, why it is not necessary to translate arrows any more
Not that have translated
irina_ivi: Sad becomes more. Because winter time - completely not winter, and the present closer to astronomical. And here summertime have entered in 80 - e years ostensibly to save the electric power. So in vain rejoice .

To the best?
simona17: now 82 countries use summertime, and 159 countries have refused this idea economy of candles . And can, it and is better?

less to sleep
Vitard: I Think that it was not pleasant to all that have cancelled transition to winter time, instead of on summer, it will turn out - that will make all on an hour less to sleep and so will leave .

fedor_morkvo: If to explain on - simple, us force to go to bed early and early to rise. If you wake up in 7 mornings and feel broken, it it is no wonder, because on natural time it only 5 o`clock in the morning. If at 1 o`clock in the morning you would not like to sleep at all, it too is easily explainable, after all on natural time it only 11 evenings .

the Trick
ksenia_journal: I do not know, how about manual transfer, but here on the laptop and on mobile at me time is translated automatically. And how here now to disconnect this function?

a habit
alemrnd: to Whom as, but me to leave work more habitually, when it is still light, and transfer of time into hour forward is pleasant to me. I live in the south, and to me an hour of light time is more important in the evening, but those who does not live to the north can not understand it, in the summer at them and so in the evenings it is light almost till midnight .