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Hatch Harding, correspondent The Guardian

Game by visas
Russia for you is closed! - the correspondent of British newspaper The Guardian Ljuk Harding has heard on passport control at the Moscow airport, and has soon been planted on return flight to London. From - for what the journalist deport also what Russian department behind this decision costs, it has not been explained. Then, naturally, deportation has turned to a glade for gamble and guesses: whether the reason in discontent of special services with its trips to the North Caucasus, whether in participation of Hardinga in preparation of not palatable publications for power WikiLeaks... To complain about noise which has risen round the correspondent of the English newspaper, it is senseless: time is not present a distinct position, means, any versions are admissible. Harding believes that fault all its publication that benefitsiarom oil trader Gunvor the prime minister - minister Vladimir Putin is. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia in a day after incident declared that Harding can return, having received the new visa. Whether the British, not clearly will return.