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Russian route

the Most known road projects in the history of Russia
the First highway connecting Moscow and St.-Petersburg, has been opened in 1746, and its building has begun at Peter I. Initially were going to lay a dirt road, but then began to use a stone. The initiative has been approved by the Senate - so the history of stone roads to Russia has begun.

this year Nikolay I has signed the program of road building - it was demanded by the Crimean war. At Nikolay I highways between the Eagle and Kursk, Kursk and Kharkov, the Eagle and Bryansk have been constructed, and in 1848 - the m is established point of road gathering between Tula and Bryansk.

In Russia has been founded the first Road fund - similar funds have already appeared by then in American states. As initiators the Imperial Russian technical society and merchant clubs of Moscow and St.-Petersburg have acted.

Ten thousand kilometres of roads have been constructed in post-war years, according to the decision of 1945. The purpose of global building was simple: to restore economy after military ruin, having connected the industrial and regional centres of the country.