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This dish with garlic and a lemon, one of the most simple and fast on light

Acquaintance to this dish has begun at me with surprising feeling. Earlier no other meal caused in me such strong sensation that I important in life do not understand something and I miss. And speech, apparently, all - that about paste with garlic and a lemon.

business was here is how. I sat as - that at the Italian restaurant with relatives of the husband (the husband at me the Italian origin), and all of us amicably chose paste. And while I studied the menu, trying to choose from it something the heaped most up, like cockleshells and sea reptiles, relatives on - svojski have exchanged glances, have happily sighed and almost have simultaneously told: Well, give? and to it have brought here this paste - with tomlenym garlic and sbryznutuju a lemon.

this dish, one of the most simple and fast on light, operates on mood, as Italy. It is possible to eat it, when in life all has failed to understand - all has failed not. And it is possible, on the contrary, when life is full of light to celebrate with bright taste happiness of this minute. In either case you feel, how all is insignificant the rest. There is you, and your life and, maybe, its sense.

why how you think, artists aspired at all times to Italy? In Paris too it is beautiful, and in Thailand not bad, but Thailand artists as the magnet, does not pull. I have found the answer to this question when itself has visited Italy, in Florence. Because even if you do not know painting and it is simple with pleasure you rush on shoe shops all the same feet bring in Uffitsi . And there you will stop before leonardovskim an angel and you understand, as shoes it is not necessary, and even without a roof over the head it is possible to manage, and it is necessary to stand here for the rest of the life though barefoot, and to look. And still, the main thing, you wonder: yes as you lived till now? Also you want you do not want, but only life will go now on - to another.

here and with paste, I assure you, the same. It - from those recipes which in life are necessary and are simultaneously sufficient. The daughter of one my acquaintance as - that at me tried to extend new jeans from the father and poor-mouthed: the Father, jeans are necessary to me! and the father has easy answered: that is necessary for you, is meal, water and the house. And jeans are that you want . Feel a difference? Cockleshells is that we want, and paste with a lemon and garlic - without what it is impossible. As leonardovsky an angel. Art, speak, universally. And these components - garlic, a lemon and macaroni - too can be found everywhere where exists though any meal, and it is not casual. I will make a reservation at once, if to me will tell that macaroni happens different quality and that lemons smell sweet on - to a miscellaneous in a supermarket and on the bank of Mediterranean sea. Yes, but the lemon and garlic - those products which manage to keep aroma in any conditions. Especially I know some cunnings which help them with it.

well and paste... Try to take the best which will be in your shop. The longer the term of cooking specified on a box, the is better macaroni. If it is told - to cook 5 minutes, macaroni the private soldiers, and if at least 8 - 10, already quite quality. Thus I cook them not so much, how many is specified, and for a minute or even two it is less. Macaroni remains hardish, but they still should reach in sauce.

now a lemon - from it I on a grater rub only a crust. It will go to paste basically. I tried pastes with a lemon very much, almost in each recipe juice was used, and I have gradually come to opinion that it not the best variant - aroma all the same vanishes, and there is one acid. Anything it does not happen to a dried peel, one angelic fragrance.

I Warm up in a deep frying pan olive oil and in it already warmed up and delightfully smelling, I heat garlic. Garlic should not fry, namely to get warm, become a bit transparent. For this purpose I cut it not small, and plates, in all length. When oil and garlic smells have mixed up, and plates hardly zazolotilis, it is possible to switch off.

macaroni is ready to this time also, I spread them in a frying pan to garlic and there I put a dried peel. And still I add half of ladle of water in which paste cooked. This hardly krahmalistaja will dissolve a liquid and will mix tastes and together with them will be absorbed in macaroni. It is important not to leave them to cook in sauce because they will soften, and to lift their nippers or two spoons and to lower back. It is necessary to add only hardly - hardly black pepper and only now, at giving I sbryzgivaju lemon juice and understand paste, how it is true - it turns out did not turn sour, and is bright.

and now about the promised secrets. If you want, that paste was more elegant, more difficult, make in advance simple piece. Put in an oven to be baked the whole lemon and I kiss, a crude head of garlic. At 180 degrees it is better to make it approximately for half an hour. When the lemon will darken, garlic in the white clothes will already turn to appetizing fondant. And a lemon - in a vessel with juice, it it is necessary to pierce, let out carefully juice in a cup and to squeeze out there baked garlic. It will be for your paste additional sauce. It is possible and to chop the roasted lemon crust small. What there cockleshells, you about them also do not remember. Because one business - is simply tasty, and another - important and remarkable property which gives to this dish similarity with leonardovskim an angel. I about that confidence that someone during this moment cost nearby and will always stand and support. And if it is visible nobody, let us assume, that it is garlic and a lemon.

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