Rus News Journal


95 years ago the main news the Spark there was an Erzerumsky operation of Russian army against Turkish armies - one of the brightest and impressing victories gained by Russia during the First World War. And this victory has been reached while in a society antipatriotic sentiments have sharply grown. It is low appreciated a condition of Russian army and the Turks preparing in area Erzeruma approach at once of three Turkish armies, called to squeeze out Russia from caucasus. Has begun approaches Turks have planned for April, precipitately having considered that in the winter in mountains it is impossible to be at war. The Turk also has decided to use carelessness the commander of the Caucasian army general Nikolay Judenich who has ordered to attack the sleeping enemy on the night of January, 10th, 1916. Later it was found out that it was the distracting maneuver, called to hide moving of the basic forces of Russian army - all for a month three infantry cases have passed more than 300 kilometres through the mountain passes brought by snow. Also have not simply passed - it was necessary to soldiers at 30 - gradusnom a frost to drag on itself guns and shells. In the beginning of February our armies left to Erzerumu. Storm proceeded five days, and on the night of February, 16th the first Russian soldiers have rushed into a city. Losses of our army for all operation have made 16 thousand killed, wounded and freezed. Erzerumsky operation has made impression both upon opponents of Russia, and on its allies on Antante. Brilliant approach to the Caucasian front became a push for the conclusion on March, 4th, 1916 English - ex - the Russian agreement about the purposes of war of Russia in Asia Minor : for the first time in history the European allies recognised the right of the Russian empire to Constantinople, a historical cradle of Orthodoxy And passage Bosporus. Also powers have agreed to take away from Turkey and to divide the Sacred earth in Palestin. Alas, brilliant victories of the Russian weapon and diplomacy have appeared not claimed - as early as a year of operations has for ever undermined power, apparently, the most firm empire in the world.

Russian soldiers with pride have shown to photographers and journalists the Spark the fighting banners of Turkish army grasped in a city