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Rosturizm prepares the plan of evacuation of the Russian tourists from Egypt

for Rosturizm will prepare the plan of evacuation of the Russian tourists from Egypt where some days go disorders, on a case of deterioration of conditions, has informed a press - secretary Rosturizma Oleg Moseev.
on January, 29th in Minsportturizme has passed meeting with participation of heads of the ministry, Federal agency on tourism, Associations round - operators, and also owners and managing directors Russian round - the camera companies which are carrying out the activity in territory of Egypt the order of Rosturizma which is based on the corresponding statement the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia which becomes a legal ground for participants of the tourist market for cancellation of permits to Egypt Is let out. Besides, airlines which now make planned flights in resorts of Egypt, will take out the tourists who are there. Also by participants of meeting there is begun working out of the plan for a case of emergency evacuation if the situation in Egypt develops as avalanche and disorders will begin in tourist zones - quotes mister Moseeva of RIA News .