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At Novak Dzhokovicha became two helmets

Novak Dzhokovich the second time in career became the winner of tournament of the Grand Slam. And again it it has appeared Australian Open. The Serbian tennis player has extracted a title yesterday, marvellously easily having beaten Andy Marreja. In a female part of competitions of Kim Klejsters has won the fourth title, Whether having won a decisive match On which in any way did not expect to see in the ending. The Chinese woman was in such delight from the success that has predicted fast boom of female tennis in the homeland by the Russian variant.
man`s ending Australian Open was surprising already on structure of participants. So left that among finalists it has not appeared neither Roger Federera, nor Raphael Nadalja. And after all since 2005 when there has ascended a star of Nadalja, and Federer by that moment as was a year best of the best, has been fixed only two cases that in the ending of the championship of the Grand Slam someone from vysheoznachennyh grandees did not act at least. Also that is remarkable, synchronous misfires of Federer and Nadal invariably supposed on Australian Open. So, in 2005 in a decisive match played Marat Safin and Llejton Hjuitt, and three years later - Novak Dzhokovich and Zho - Vilfrid Tsonga. Has passed as early as three years, and the history has repeated. Nadal Federer - in a semi-final has stopped short in a quarterfinal, and tournament has received pair of finalists: Novak Dzhokovich - Andy Marrej.

In that, as to prospect on uncompromising struggle, pair of Dzhokovich - Marrej even was more interesting order of already set the teeth on edge opposition of a duet of Federer - Nadal. Too often Swiss and the Spaniard played - and too the superiority of Nadalja in these duels was obvious. Actually and participants of the ending said that to nobody under force to predict its outcome, noticing that matches at them usually develop very uneasy (on personal meetings with the minimum advantage - 4:3 - Novak Dzhokovich was in the lead).

the match Beginning has passed in full conformity with the predicted equal game. The second game of the first set, for example, on Andy Marreja`s giving lasted already 14 minutes. To the tenth game it was not possible to any of contenders to make a break. The fine demand for fight. Left so that this tenth game and has broken Marreja. Novak Dzhokovich nevertheless has made the break, has moved on sets, and Marrej fell down. He has regained consciousness only when also the second party has been almost lost - at the account 5:0 in favour of the Serb.

hook on Andy Marrej at least the third set, it, can, also would be overcome. But, having adjusted game on another`s giving, the British has ceased to take the games. To parties there was any exchange more peculiar to female tennis of breaks in which too there was more strongly Novak Dzhokovich who doubled thus quantity of titles available for it of the Grand Slam and has noticed that now he will play even more strongly as self-trust at it will increase.

Andy Marrej after the ending tried to keep vigorously, but its prospects cause fears. It seems, Britain should wait a little more a victory in Grand Slam tournament, but I am assured that it happens - has declared Marrej in reply to a question when the train of failures of the British players on the main tournaments will interrupt: since 1936, after Freda Perr`s triumph on US Open, representatives of the native land of tennis tournaments of the Grand Slam did not win. But, whatever you may say, and the third failure in the ending (Marrej played decisive matches on US Open - 2008 and Australian Open - 2010) will demand from the British of remarkable efforts to gather again. After all after such series of failures not for long and a hand to wave on game.

in a female part of competitions final pair too has turned out unusual. But only half. The ending was reached by Kim Klejsters which have won a semi-final of Veru Zvonarevu that has been quite expected. Whether but here presence there On, beaten in a semi-final the first racket of the world Carolina Voznjatski, was a little unusual. After all not only Chinese women, and in general tennis-players in the endings of the championships of the Grand Slam to these on did not leave Asia. Whether and here still On so has vigorously begun I will meet that Klejsters has appeared in a role catching up. The Belgian, however, has not begun to panic, has introduced necessary corrective amendments in game, and game has quickly gone under its scenario. By the end of a match of Klejsters in general left on almost faultless level (for a set it has admitted only five not compelled errors against 15 at the Chinese woman) and has deservedly written down into the account a title. For Klejsters it, by the way, the especial. Earlier it took priority in the Grand Slam championships three times, but it was only US Open. And the Australian triumph strongly decorates a collection of Klejsters which, is not excluded also will decide not to finish career again. Earlier the Belgian has declared that 2011 becomes its last full season, but has then told that wants to return to Melbourn in 2012 - m, and still - to play on the Olympic Games in London.

well and Whether On, despite defeat and on that that in China tennis is not among the most popular sports, suddenly became the national heroine who has received the front pages in the central newspapers. I think, it only the beginning. It is assured that through two - three years the Chinese female tennis will go on the Russian way. We are waited too by boom - Whether has predicted On.