Rus News Journal

The cultural program

On the Palace scene on Jauze Theatre of the nations will present on January, 31st performance of Ejmuntasa Njakroshjusa Kaligula .

In gallery Ridzhina the exhibition " opens; Fighting Gravity which will pass simultaneously in Moscow and London. In an exposition - installation, a sculpture, painting, videoart the Parisian Left-wing radical group Claire Fontaine.

on February, 1st

In GMII Pushkin`s name the exhibition " will open; Art of northern gothic style and the Renaissance. Painting, a sculpture, art furniture from meeting M.E.Perchenko (Moscow) . In an exposition - products of German, Austrian, Netherlands, Slovak, French and Spanish masters of the end XV - the XVII-th century beginnings.

on February, 3rd

In hire leaves a film Arieti from the Country of Liliputians - debut work of Japanese animator Hiromase Jonebajashi. Over the cartoon film scenario Hajao of Miyazaki worked.

in hire leaves the Way home Peter Uira, the director Show of Trumana . In a drama about running prisoners of a Gulag have acted in film Ed Harris, Kolin Farrell, etc.

In hire leaves the Green Hornet - Michel Gondri`s deriding films about superheroes the comedy.

on February, 4th

On a scene of Musical theatre of a name of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich - Danchenko will take place the Russian premiere of ballet of John Nojmajera the Water-nymph for the first time the Danish Royal ballet shown on a scene.

on February, 6th

In the Svetlanovsky hall of the Moscow international house of music Zahar Bron - the well-known violinist and the teacher who has grown up many of modern violin stars will act.

on February, 8th

In MMSI on Gogol the exhibition of works of the classic of conceptualism of Victor Pivovarova " will open; They .

on February, 10th

In the Bolshoi theatre will pass tours of the Parisian national opera which will show in Moscow the Suite in white Serzha Lifarja, Arlezianku Rolana Petja, the Bolero Morisa Bezhara (10 - on February, 12th) and two-act ballet Park Anzhelena Prelzhokazha (15 - on February, 17th).

In hire leaves a drama of Darrena Aronofski the Black swan . In roles: Natali Portman, Vajnona Ryder, Vensan Kassel and others.

in hire leaves a criminal melodrama the Bodyguard - the first director`s work of a script writer Turncoats William Monahana. In roles: Kolin Farrell, Kira Najtli and others.

on February, 11th

In hire leaves a western of brothers Cohen the Grip of steel in which Dzhosh Brolin and Jeff Bridzhes have acted in film Matt Damon.

In Olympic will act metallisty Iron Maiden.

on February, 16th

In the Tretyakov gallery the exhibition " will open; Russian sculptors in Paris. 1910 - 1930 - e years on which works of domestic sculptors of monuments from gallery meeting will be presented.

on February, 17th

At theatre Helicon - an opera festival the Gold mask will open Dmitry Bertmana`s performance Love to three oranges nominated this year on the award in three categories.

in hire leaves Vudi Allen`s comedy You will meet the mysterious stranger . In roles: Anthony Hopkins, Naomi Uotts, Dzhosh Brolin, Antonio Banderas and others.

in hire leaves 127 hours - a film of the owner Oscar for the Millionaire from slums Denni Boyle.

on February, 22nd

In MAMM (Multimedia Art Museum Moscow) the exhibition " will open; Fellini. The grandee - parade on which films, drawings and photos of the director will be presented.