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Medicines have got stuck in turn

Ministry of Health has accused foreign farmkompanii of conscious failure of registration of the prices for the vital medicines to create an excessive demand and cynically to earn money for patients . In accused of overestimate twice the prices for a preparation Zoviraks the companies GlaksoSmitKljajn assert that submitted in 2011 for registration the price was below last year`s. From its part, participants of the market notice that the design procedure of the limiting prices of foreign manufacturers does not consider features of the market of the Russian Federation where the companies should put more in preparation advancement as the decision on its purchase is accepted by the patient.
begun by Ministry of Health in the autumn of 2010 registration of the limiting prices of manufacturers on vital and major medical products (ZHNVLP) for 2011 which Ministry of Health carries out since autumn of last year, passes with scandal. The ministry accuses foreign farmproizvoditelej of conscious failure of procedure of registration of medicines to create an excessive demand. According to officials, the reason of such behaviour farmkompany is covered in falling of their sales in the foreign markets. As informs Ministry of Health, during state registration farmkompanii expose the prices which are overestimated in two - four times in comparison with those prices on which they sell the medicines in other countries. In particular, according to department, the company GlaksoSmitKljajn has presented to registration a preparation Zoviraks at twice inflated price. As have told in Ministry of Health, inflated prices have presented many both domestic, and foreign farmkompanii. Some of them have already reduced the prices and have submitted repeated demands for registration of the prices.

This cynical earning money on the patients, which vital to accept medicines every day, on sick of an asthma, a diabetes - the director of department of state regulation of the reference of medical products of Ministry of Health Marat Sakaev speaks, complaining that social responsibility of business - it only mere words . As he said, Ministry of Health uses the best efforts not to admit shortage of medicines and not to allow the companies to expose inflated prices, that to earn superprofits on health of Russians .

we Will remind, state price control ZHVNLP has begun in the Russian Federation in April, 2010. Into updated list ZHNVLP for 2011 has entered 522 international nepatentovannyh names (MNN), including 37 in addition.

According to the updated design procedure of the limiting prices of manufacturers, the prices for foreign preparations are registered on the basis of the data about floor prices in the countries - manufacturers and the states where preparations are registered. The price also joins transport and customs expenses. Thus state registration are subject the prices for all not registered in last year, and also preparations which have again entered into the list.

in the group company GlaksoSmitKljajn assert that from its part registration did not tighten - all the file on the preparations of the company entering in ZHNVLP, have been submitted at once after coming into force of a new technique. In the company refer to considerable distinctions in cost of medicines in the different markets: so, in Germany, Switzerland and France the prices for the same preparations on the average almost twice above, than in the Russian Federation, and in Bulgaria, Romania and Belarus more low - from - for considerable devaluations of national currencies in connection with crisis. As to the price on Zoviraks in France the price for a preparation for 49 % above, than in Russia, in Finland - on 39 %, in Great Britain - on 31 %, in Singapore - on 35 %. In Spain, Pakistan, Indonesia and the republic of South Africa the price more low, but it is insignificant more often. thus, the price for a preparation is in Russia at the average level in comparison with other countries of the world. In comparison with 2010 submitted on registration in Russia the price for a preparation Zoviraks it is lowered on 5 - 10 %, depending on the release form - confirm in the company.

to the Russian Federation it is necessary less than 2 % of the global market of medicines, therefore the statement for an earning of superprofits sounds strange, the chief executive of the Union professional farmorganizatsy Gennady Shirshov specifies. Additional complexities at the companies, as he said, arise from - for insignificant differences of the prices specified in demands for registration, from the prices in cargo customs declarations which are filled with importers avtomatizirovanno. As a result suppliers are compelled to achieve exact conformity of the prices, manually renewing the file that also causes delays of registration and the further deliveries.

thus participants of the market, in turn, state claims to imperfect, in their opinion, a technique of Ministry of Health for calculation of the limiting prices of manufacturers - in it features farmrynka the Russian Federation at which the big expenses for preparation advancement are necessary, in particular, are not considered. for lack of system of compensation of cost of a preparation the decision on medicine purchase is accepted by the patient that is not present in the majority of the European countries. Therefore medicines in Russia cost more expensive - the assistant to the general director " speaks; SHtada (Stada CIS) Ivan Glushkov.