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To the Shahtinsky mayor have shown the door

Yesterday the most part of deputies gordumy Mine cities, including party members an United Russia has suggested mayor Sergey Ponamarenko to retire voluntary. The discontent of a thought is caused by a policy of the city head in housing and communal services sphere, and also default of commissions of the governor of the region . According to some members an United Russia the demarche of deputies is connected with a position of the regional authorities showing discontent by activity of administration headed by mister Ponamarenko. It is not excluded that further in region will pass some large resignations of city and regional heads, experts speak.

on January, 20th 16 from 23 deputies shahtinskoj thoughts from party an United Russia have subscribed under the official reference to mayor Sergey Ponamarenko with the requirement voluntary to retire. In this connection even special session of party fraction has been called, the deputy gordumy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Rodion Bashkatov has told . As he said, the reason of the demarche shahtinskie deputies name infringements in housing and communal services sphere, in particular, a capture the mayor under control of actually all municipal sphere through affilirovannye structures, unfairly high municipal tariffs, lobbying business - interests of friends and relatives, and also default of commissions of the governor of the Rostov region Vasily Golubeva . Most likely, the question on resignation will be lifted on one of the nearest sessions gordumy - Rodion Bashkatov speaks.

At the moment in shahtinskoj gordume 25 deputies, including one spravoross and one communist. Representatives of these parties declare support of the initiative of the rebellious colleagues. Three more deputies - the United Russia party member, selected in gordumu not under the party list, say that will subscribe under the reference of party fellows in the near future.

the head of executive committee of the Rostov regional branch of party an United Russia Alexander Nechushkin has not confirmed, but also has not denied the information on a demarche shahtinskih deputies. I know that shahtinskaja the fraction was going to discuss with the mayor flowing situations in a city. We will check the information on the reference - he has declared. At the same time the information on the reference has confirmed on the condition of anonymity entering in an United Russia the employee of regional administration familiar with a situation. actually deputies have put forward to the mayor the ultimatum: or he on own will retires, or the thought will not gather for sessions within three months. It is strange - still one year ago mister Ponamarenko of deputies arranged, and already is not present - the interlocutor has noted.

to Contact the mayor or its representative yesterday it was not possible. Phone of the assistant to city head Feodor Hlebnikova did not answer.

campaign against Sergey Ponamarenko started even in the autumn of last year when the representative of one of local public organisations has addressed to the governor and the president with the statement for the infringements admitted by the mayor in sphere of housing and communal services. Petition for resignation of mister Ponamarenko after a while has begun. And in January with work criticism goradministratsii the governor of the Rostov region Vasily Golubev has acted. In the Mine city in 2009 some warps in the organisation of activity of the enterprises housing - municipal services took place. And when boiler-houses have appeared are privatised, and when before elections tariffs have been lowered, and after elections they have grown, that, in general, the comment here izlishni - the governor has declared and has promised to take a situation in a city under special control.

According to one of representatives an United Russia the statement of mister Golubeva has served for deputies shahtinskoj thoughts as the guide to action. almost all city deputies - proteges of the mayor, however now they carry out will of regional administration - the interlocutor speaks.

the Governor actively changes an administrative board - beginning from regional administration and finishing municipalities. It is not excluded that further in region will pass some large resignations of city and regional heads - political scientist Sergey Smirnov adds. At the same time, in its opinion, now neither in Mines, nor in regional administration there are no effective managers who could take Sergey Ponamarenko`s place.

we Will remind, Sergey Ponamarenko occupied an armchair of the mayor of Mines in 1997 - 2001. In 2001 he has lost elections. In 2003 has been selected by the deputy of Legislative Assembly of the Rostov region. On elections of the mayor of Mines in 2005 has returned itself a post of the city head which occupies to this day.