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Nikolay Ulanov diversified the aircraft depot

Known Voronezh businessman Nikolay Ulanov continues to develop the aviabusiness actively. As it became known „“, a carrier supervised by mister Ulanovym “ Ruslajn “ will maintain four planes Embraer - 120 companies “ Region - avia “ which from the beginning of year has stopped activity. In “ Ruslajne “ say that take liners in operational leasing, but in “ Region - avia “ notice that “ the scheme is a bit more difficult “. Simultaneously in “ Ruslajn “ passes a personnel part “ Region - avia “. Recently “ Ruslajn “ flied exclusively on Canadian CRJ. Experts notice that the market of regional transportations feels a severe shortage of planes.
yesterday Nikolay Ulanova Sergey Borisov adviser has confirmed „“ that airline “ Ruslajn “ Which is supervised by the Voronezh businessman, a beret in operational leasing four planes Embraer - 120 companies “ Region - avia “. “ Liners will be delivered in the near future to Ekaterinburg. It is planned to maintain them first of all on flights in Uralsk federal district “ - Boris`s mister has explained. He has added also that from “ Region - avia “ in “ Ruslajn “ will pass a personnel part. Thus, the companies of mister Ulanova should not be retrained a part of the employees under operation of new type of planes. The general director and as it is considered, the basic owner “ Region - avia “ Denis Pavshinsky has confirmed that company planes in the near future will start to maintain “ Ruslajn “. “ In details of the scheme of our mutual relations I will not press, though I will notice only that the transaction operational leasing it is possible to name only very conditional. All is a bit more difficult “ - the mister Pavshinsky has explained. Other details of the transaction to find out yesterday it was not possible.

Open Company “ Airline „Region - avia“ “ has stopped all flights from the beginning of 2011. While four planes Embraer - 120 stand in considered base for the company to the airport “ Domodedovo “. As the mister Pavshinsky has explained, the activity stop was planned, tickets for company flights have ceased to go on sale in advance, therefore anybody from clients has not suffered. The mister Pavshinsky in detail did not begin to make comments on the reason of problems of the company, having noticed only that “ so there was an economic situation “. We will remind that earlier the company time and again declared plans on aircraft depot expansion. In particular, on an air show MAX - 2009 “ Region - avia “ has signed the memorandum of cooperation with veb on development of regional transportations in Russia, but within the limits of this project the credit to receive and could not.

Nikolay Ulanov who in Voronezh is known first of all as the developer, has entered into aviabusiness in 2007 when has received control over the company “ Volga - the aviaexpress train “. Later he rebrendiroval a carrier in AirVolga also was engaged in updating of its park, buying under the scheme of operational leasing second-hand Canadian CRJ - 200LR. In total, as it was declared, thus was zakontraktovano ten cars. As the organizer of the transaction foreign company Gecas acted, the partner in it was “ VTB Leasing Europe “. To maintain cars it is planned within seven years. Expenses AirVolga as marked in the company, have made $22 million, a time of recovery of outlay of boards - 2,5 years. In 2009 mister Ulanov has bought the Moscow company “ Ruslajn “ which too maintained Canadian CRJ, and then has united the aviabusiness on base “ Ruslajna “. “ Volga - the aviaexpress train “ As a matter of fact, remained without actives and now goes bankrupt. Now park “ Ruslajna “ as it is declared, includes 11 cars CRJ. The carrier flies from Moscow, including to Voronezh, Krasnodar, Volgograd, and from the middle of last year its planes are based at the Ekaterinburg airport “ Koltsovo “ whence the company actively develops a routeing network.

the owner and the general director of the Voronezh airline “ Flight “ Anatoly Karpov has noticed that now development of regional aviatransportations in Russia constrains first of all deficiency of planes. “ at me references of an order of 30 governors which ask that “Flight“ flied from their regions lie. As a matter of fact, the market is free. But small 50 - 70 - local planes it is now made very little. Participants of the market should search and take in leasing second-hand cars “ - mister Karpov has noted. The novel of Hussars, the editor of portal Avia. ru, it agree that in the market it is not enough planes, therefore demand for actives of the problem companies is always high. “ the great value is represented also by the trained personnel, pilots who have management experience by that or other type of the plane. Therefore transition of employees „Region - avia“ in “Ruslajn“ will accelerate the beginning of operation of cars “ - the expert summarised.