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From the second attempt

Yesterday the Voronezh regional Duma has put forward the representative in Council of federation of the founder of Open Society “ Minudobrenija “ (Rossosh) Nikolay Olshansky. Communists who have warned in advance about the intention to vote against its nominee, at parliament session were limited to the general criticism “ an United Russia “. Mister Olshansky before deputies did not begin to act, but to the correspondent „“ to Alexander VOLKOVU has promised more often to happen in region, to learn local elite “ to come into the necessary doors in Moscow “.
the Question on the representative in Council of federation from the Voronezh regional thought stood the first in the agenda of yesterday`s session of regional parliament. That Nikolay Olshansky will be delegated to the upper chamber, it was known in advance. Feature of the candidate was underlined by the speaker of Legislative Assembly Vladimir Kljuchnikov - even prior to the beginning of thought session. Zachityvaja the list of present officials and other visitors, the speaker named posts of everyone, having made only one exception. “ Olshansky Nikolay Mihajlovich “ - without explanatories mister Kljuchnikov declared. Representing a nominee of mister Olshansky on a post of the senator, mister Kljuchnikov has once again underlined that “ such person does not need representations “. The founder and the co-owner rossoshanskih “ Minudobreny “ which incomes of the wife in 2009 are officially declared at level of 996 million roubles, in Voronezh, really, representation does not need.

“ whether there is a necessity it to hear? “ - the speaker has asked deputies. The distinct answer from its colleagues has not followed. Mister Olshansky also has not shown desire to address to parliament. Concerning Nikolay Olshansky`s delegation by the senator from regional Duma the leader of fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and the first secretary obkoma parties Sergey Rudakov has wanted to express only. We will remind that else before session of regional Duma he declared that communists will not support a nominee of mister Olshansky, as “ it is necessary to let pass young “. However, mister Rudakov in the performance was limited yesterday to the general criticism “ an United Russia “ having avoided direct attacks towards mister Olshansky, more likely, has given to it some flatter estimations. “ we understand that Nikolay Olshansky - the person with invaluable experience, it was the minister of the industry of mineral fertilizers of the USSR. But our position is invariable. All - taki this year has begun tensely. Such political structure as party „United Russia„, - it should be dismissed “ - mister Rudakov has unexpectedly finished. For party in power Vladimir Kljuchnikov has interceded: “ We ask to leave estimations of “United Russia“ at ourselves. The party will report in due time to the voter “. During followed then votings Nikolay Olshansky has been put forward in senators 34 voices against five.

“ from the senator more active practical activities on development of region which it represents, in my opinion, are required. While in the lower chamber we have been concentrated first of all to lawmaking. I expect to happen more often at sessions of regional Duma, Rossoshansky regional council. It is necessary still to learn to come regional elite into the necessary doors in Moscow “ - mister Olshansky has commented to the correspondent „“ yesterday on the appointment. He has added that the offer to become the senator has arrived including from governor Alexey Gordeyev: “ With it I always supported good relations “.

However, political scientists consider that between mister Gordeyev and Nikolay Olshansky it is impossible to name relations cloudless. “ Nikolay Olshansky had huge political influence at eks - governor Vladimir Kulakove. Yes, initially it had a normal contact and to the new governor, but then Olshansky`s people began to “squeeze out“ from the power: has lost a post of the head regotdelenija “United Russia“ Alexander Sysoyev, have left the regional government Vladislav Kurnosov and Vladimir Grinev. And with transfer in the upper chamber and Olshansky, as a matter of fact, becomes the political pensioner “ - political scientist Pavel Kabanov considers. However, political adviser Alexander Kosyrev has assumed that appointment in federation Council to favourably Nikolay Olshansky: “ Now before the termination of a term of appointment of regional Legislative Assembly, that is till 2015, it will be the senator. And in the State Duma in December 2011 it is necessary perevybiratsja, that is already now to be engaged in election campaign “.

we Will remind that the regional Duma will put forward Nikolay Olshansky in the upper chamber already the second time. In April of last year deputies delegated it after sudden death of football player Konstantin Eremenko, before representing Legislative Assembly in federation Council. However the senator mister Olshansky and did not become. Then in the device of the commission of the upper chamber under regulations have specified that the candidate does not correspond cancelled since January of this year ten years` “ to a residential qualification “ as some years it is registered in Moscow. Since January, 1st, 2011 the new order of formation of Council of federation when deputies of regional and municipal representative bodies of the power can be senators only operates. To fulfil this requirement, mister Olshansky had to hand over the mandate of the deputy of the State Duma and to become the deputy of Rossoshansky regional council where he stood at the first number of the list “ an United Russia “ also has been selected in March, 2009.