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In Voronezh have begun struggle against a wrong parking of cars

Yesterday in Voronezh has passed spot-check of regional government of traffic police on struggle against spontaneous parkings. Governor Alexey Gordeyev who on one of recent planerok in the regional government noticed that a parking in two ranks in city centre - " became its initiator; it already search . Six crews participated In spot-check. They proinspektirovali some the central city streets, including the prospectus of Revolution and street Kardasheva. For two hours 33 reports on infringements have been made at a parking. The chief of department of traffic police of the Department of Internal Affairs on the city of Voronezh the lieutenant colonel of militia Vladimir Ivanov has declared yesterday that now similar spot-checks become regular and two times a month will be spent on the average. It is necessary to notice that in parallel the mayoralty intends to be connected to struggle against a wrong parking. As the head of the municipal enterprise " has specified yesterday; Voronezhpassazhirtrans Andrey Zotkin, in March two wreckers will be bought. though really it is necessary for a city four wreckers which would function round the clock - has added g - n Zotkin.