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Deputies catch a taxi

Deputies Samara gubdumy intend to develop the regional law on a taxi. Members of parliament want to register requirements to qualification of drivers and a technical condition of transport. Also people`s choices intend to struggle with unreasonable, in their opinion, overestimate of the prices by taxi drivers. Participants of the market are not happy with that want to develop the document of the power without participation of carriers and warn about possible rise in prices after introduction of new legislative requirements. According to experts, licensing return is necessary, but attempts to make it at regional level are unpromising .

Yesterday the committee on building, housing and communal services and to transport of the Samara provincial thought has created special group which should develop the project of the regional law on an automobile taxi. Deputy Alexey Kirienko became the initiator. today taxi work, anyhow, - mister Kirienko was indignant. - We see that Open Companies which declare a set of drivers with an individual transport are created. The person who has got yesterday the driver`s licence comes, and starts to carry people. I do not speak already about to cleanliness shots . The member of parliament also was indignant forcible rise in prices in two - three times for holidays and that taxi drivers in general have forgotten that such the counter . According to Alexey Kirienko, the taxi organisations should provide medical control over a condition of drivers, over their qualification. Also it is not happy with use of too old cars.

the structure of working group included representatives gubdumy, the regional governments, Offices of Public Prosecutor, GAI, administrations of Samara and Tolyatti. As the member of working group deputy Alexander Drobotov has explained, the first session can pass approximately in two weeks. As he said, to all signs speech can go further about certification introduction For the taxi organisations in area. but we should not break the natural competitive environment which has made a taxi accessible - he has underlined.

we will remind, taxi licensing has been cancelled in 2005.

taxi services in region are most developed in Samara and Tolyatti. By estimations of participants of the market, in the regional centre work about 100 companies in this sector. The market annual turnover is estimated approximately in 2,2 mlrd roubles. In Tolyatti, according to participants of the market, comparable number the organisation, however experts find it difficult to estimate a turn. Carriers on - to a miscellaneous have estimated the initiative of members of parliament, marking what followed develop, however, the document together with carriers. According to the director SamaraTaksi Alexander Gritsaja, now taxi drivers are guided by the federal Charter of motor transport and the decision about transportations by passenger transport . The basic problem of a taxi is bombily and in them danger to inhabitants, first of all it is necessary to clean them from streets - mister Gritsaj argues. In its opinion in case the preparing law will create additional problems for the taxi organisations, this business can become uninteresting for businessmen. at any pressure of the power upon the organisations expenses raise, people will simply leave to bomb on streets - Alexander Gritsaj considers. Obligatory medical checks from the organisation, in its opinion will give nothing also have been cancelled because it did not work . The businessman also against state price control also considers that laws for a taxi should be accepted at federal level. The director of a taxi the Fly (Tolyatti) Alexander Milchikov does not object to creation of the special law, but considers that licensing returning will by all means lead to rise in price of services. now in sphere of passenger transportations a brothel, drivers with an individual transport pass from one firm in another, them will not follow, - mister Milchikov argues. - As a matter of fact, attraction of private carriers it is not normal for the organisation. To contain own motor pool zatratno .

the Co-chairman of inter-regional social movement the City and transport Anton Buslov considers true to return taxi licensing, but attempts to make it at regional level, in its opinion, are unpromising . In Krasnodar territory have passed the law similar to volume that want in Samara, and have wallowed in judicial proceedings with taxi drivers, - mister Buslov speaks. - the federal law " Is necessary;. He has noticed that the package of the bills developed at the initiative of the Moscow authorities can be brought in spring session in the State Duma. within the limits of struggle against stoppers the bill of returning of licensing of a taxi should be introduced, - Anton Buslov has noted. - As an encouragement measure legal taxi drivers are supposed to allow to leave on special lanes . In the Samara region, according to the expert, allocation of platforms to taxi drivers for parking and departure on special lanes when they will appear can become the preference.