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the Netherlands manufacturer of industrial chemicals Royal DSM N V. and Open Society KujbyshevAzot declare creation of two joint ventures. The western investor in an alliance will be represented by company DSM Engineering Plastics, it becomes their majority participant, and KujbyshevAzot thus will obtain the licence for the production technology tsiklogeksanona. One of created joint ventures (joint venture) - the trading company which will be engaged in realisation of base polymer of polyamide - 6 (6), engineering plastics in Russia and other CIS countries. The joint venture will allow both companies - to participants to strengthen the presence in the growing market of engineering plastics in the Russian Federation and the CIS. DSM Engineering Plastics owns 51 % of an authorised capital stock of the joint venture. Manufacture kompaundov engineering plastics on the installation located in Tolyatti on an industrial platform of Open Society " will be a field of activity of the second joint venture; KujbyshevAzot . Thus, DSM becomes the first western supplier of engineering plastics having their manufacture in Russia. DSM Engineering Plastics intends to get 80 % in a joint venture authorised capital stock. Financial details of the transaction do not reveal. Strategic cooperation also includes granting of technology DSM for use in manufacture tsiklogeksanona for what on KujbyshevAzote new capacities will be constructed. project realisation will allow the enterprise to increase capacity of manufacture kaprolaktama, an initial product for reception of base polymer 6, at considerable reduction of consumption of power resources and raw materials - it is told in the communique of the Tolyatti chemical enterprise. Under the licence agreement between DSM and KA, DSM receives a royalty (licence compensation) within 15 years, and also the rights of primary purchase of a part of production from a capacity gain.